How Many Colors Do Sapphires Have?

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The Famous blue sapphire stone can be found in any color, but the Blue Gemstones are the rarest of other colors sapphires. Different colors obtain by adding any element to the mixture. Then sapphire shows various colors, chromium produces a pink sapphire, and a part of iron makes a green or yellow sapphire.

And sometimes, some Sapphires Stones are heat-treated to portray darker, lighter, or bolder colors, and some are lab-created sapphires; created in the same surroundings and properties as raw sapphires.

Different color of sapphires impacts their value, and the most valued sapphires range from silky, velvety blue to somewhat a violet-blue color. Sapphires with these qualities have the highest costs per carat.

Color types of sapphires:

Pink and Purple Sapphires

This beautiful pink sapphire comes in light red, pink color with a dark pink shade, and the other hue of pink sapphires comes in purplish colors ranging from light purplish to deep dark purple. Purple sapphire has a dominant of its own color.

Yellow to Orange Sapphires

The Yellow sapphire has a saturation of yellow to orange-yellow color in it with some light to dark tones like orange sapphires may show some golden color to deep orange color.

Yellow sapphires can show a color range from light to dark green yellow to orange-yellow color in it. They show weak to intense color saturation.

And identical orange sapphires range from yellow to slight reddish-orange color saturation.

Green Sapphires

Sapphires with green color do not show the exact green color. It has a blue hue that gives the green-colored sapphires range from light yellow-green to medium yellowish-green, sometimes an olive green or leaf green color shade.

These gems have significant secondary colors mixed in with them, like blue and yellow, which helps them get the variance of green hues. The green-colored sapphire is a rare color for a sapphire.

A blend of yellow and blue sapphires is noticed when a person sees them in green sapphires. Some unique features and colors make them precious and more valuable than others.

Color Change Sapphires

Color-change sapphires are corundum chameleons who change their color by seeing different colors. The same color-change sapphire is a type of sapphire that changes its color under different lighting.

You may notice that under daylight, it matches its light. The typical color-change sapphire’s primary color ranges from blue to violet.

Beneath incandescent rays, it ranges from violetish purple to deeply reddish purple.

The strength of the stone’s color change is the essential quality factor affecting its value.

Star corundum colors can range from red, pink, blue, black, gray, brown, purple, or yellow or almost every color under the sunlight. The word “star sapphire” confines all colors of star corundum except red, which is a star ruby.


Opt for a sapphire color that suits you from a wide range of sapphires. All gems are precious and range in color, and their value increases with more vivid and intense colors. Contact to Buy gemstones that suit your personality.

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