The Most Underrated Chest Exercise: The Hex Press

July 20, 2022 0

The hex press exercise is one of the most underrated chest exercises out there. The majority of people I know just stick to flat, incline, and decline bench presses with the occasional set of dumbbell flyes thrown in here and there. However, if you’re looking to get the most out of your chest training sessions by getting rid of stubborn chest fat and improving overall muscle growth, then you should definitely be including the hex press into your routine. Here’s why this move deserves more attention than it’s currently getting.

What Is A Hex Press?

A hex press is a chest exercise that involves pressing a weight while lying on your back on a bench, with your feet planted firmly on the ground. This exercise is often overlooked in favor of more popular chest exercises like the bench press, but it is actually a very effective way to build strength and size in your chest muscles.

Progression From The Bench

The hex press is a progression from the bench press. It is a great exercise for developing the muscles of the chest, shoulders, and triceps. The hex press can be performed with either dumbbells or a barbell. To perform the hex press, start by lying on your back on a flat bench. Next, lower the weight to your chest. pause for a moment and then press the weight back up to the starting position.

Why Do I Need A Variety Of Pec Exercises?

As you probably know, the pecs are made up of two muscles — the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor. The pectoralis major is the larger of the two and covers most of the chest. It’s responsible for much of the chest’s width. The pectoralis minor, on the other hand, is a thin, triangular muscle that lies underneath the pectoralis major. It originates from the third, fourth, and fifth ribs and inserts into the coracoid process of the scapula (shoulder blade).

Who Can Benefit From This Exercise?

This exercise is great for people who want to work on their chest, but don’t have access to a lot of equipment. It can also be done at home with minimal space and equipment required. Additionally, this exercise is perfect for beginners who want to ease into working out their chest muscles. Finally, those who are looking for a more challenging workout can increase the weight they use or the number of repetitions they do.
How to Perform the Exercise (seven sentences): The hex press is performed by lying on your back on a flat surface with your feet planted firmly on the ground. Next, you will take two dumbbells and hold them at arm’s length above your chest.

How To Progress For Stronger Pecs And Shoulders

The hex press is a great exercise for developing the chest and shoulders. It can be done with dumbbells, barbells, or kettlebells. You will need a weight that you can press for six to eight repetitions. If you are new to this exercise, start with a light weight and work your way up. As you get stronger, you can increase the weight. This exercise can be done three times per week.

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