Ways to transform your property into the perfect holiday home

June 13, 2022 0

How can we plan the decorations in our vacation home? This is one of the issues that we must resolve in due time so that you can enjoy your days off to the fullest. It is worth enjoying a well-appointed home with the appropriate resources for rest.

If you have an apartment, a flat, or a house to go on vacation to, this blog presents the keys to decorating it and making it a comfortable, beautiful, and personalized space.

How to add aesthetic appeal to your holiday home?

The style of the house might be influenced by its location. If it is near the sea or in the mountains, they ask for different interiors, but tackling the decoration of a seasonal smart holiday home has its keys.

Use color to update the look of country-style aesthetic furniture. Combining chairs in cheerful tones and dressing the table with large-scale flowers is the proposal of the interior designers.

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a) Add a luxury touch

With solid stone walls and cross-braced wooden shutters, this house in the mountains is the typical style of Pyrenean homes. In the summer season, the mild temperatures of the high mountains invite you to enjoy the sun with folding wooden loungers, in harmony with the fence and the architecture.

For an ideal bedroom, choose large pillows, textiles like a luxury hotel, and indirect lamps. Comfort is paramount, and decoration follows… just behind. It is about reaching the formula cozy minimalism, not carrying too much furniture that is not used and opting for a more open space, instead of creating segments.”

b) Make savvy choices

The search for vintage pieces in local workshops, markets, and auctions has created a unique atmosphere in this country house, decorated by an interior designer by combining refined design furniture -inspired by the iconic Tulip series – with the traditional folding garden chair. A delicate series of decorated ceramics and an old garden shovel stand out on the wall.

Wood is key to connecting the interior with the nature of the environment, but its visual weight should be compensated with light colors or white to illuminate the interiors. The wow factor here: the oh-so-fresh blue brushstroke. “Dare to paint the furniture in colors! Recycling is always good in a perfect holiday home. Color and natural textures encourage joy and relaxation”.

c) Use Professional Photos

Refresh the interior with details that evoke nature. It’s worthwhile to invest in professional photographs that promote peace.It is a basic principle for enjoying the vacation home much more. The sun loungers are very interesting to put on the terrace and rest while seeing the landscape.

Why foot healthcare clinics are important while you are on holiday

Summer is already here. It is one of the most desired times for almost everyone: sun, holidays, beach, pool, rest. Most people plan to travel during these months to enjoy the best time of the year.

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Although there are a few fundamental foot care tips that will assist you in keeping your feet healthy this summer:

  1. Go to the podiatrist before the holidays to check the condition of your feet before your vacation and get them ready.
  2. Choose the right footwear for each moment.
  3. Dry the entire surface of your feet, especially between toes.
  4. Apply sunscreen to avoid burns, especially the first few days.
  5. Hydrate your feet at night.
  6. Cure chafing every day.
  7. Go to a nearby podiatrist if you have problems with your footing during the holidays.

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