What Are The Benefits of Fixing An Underbite With Braces?

March 15, 2023 0

It is vital to keep your oral health healthy. Healthy teeth are necessary to keep your mouth germs-free and other oral health concerns. People usually don’t take it much seriously and ignore oral health issues.

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the most important joint of the body. This joint allows you to eat and speak, and you cannot talk or eat without this joint that supports either side of the jaw. Misalignment or uneven teeth can cause oral issues like gum disease, tooth decay, and other oral health complications.

Therefore, poor teeth alignment can cause a condition known as an underbite. But how can you fix an underbite? Many people ask if braces can correct an underbite. Many people can benefit from braces, and braces can fix an underbite. Orthodontic treatments help shift your teeth back to their position and align the jawbone to correct jaw concerns. Talk to a pediatric dentist in Miami if your child has an underbite issue.

What are the benefits of underbite correction?

Many people, especially kids, and teens, must be aware of how important good oral health is. With poor oral hygiene, you can risk developing tooth decay, gum disease, cavities, and other major oral health issues. Taking care of your teeth, your teeth get healthier and decrease the risk of oral problems. Unfortunately, many individuals are unaware of the link between dental and general health. The alignment of your bite may significantly impact your health. In addition to producing pain, it can lead to abnormal wear and tear, speech problems, and the ability to chew.

What is an underbite?

When your teeth are correctly aligned, your front teeth should either slightly overlap or rest in front of your bottom teeth. When an underbite throws off dental alignment, your lower jaw extends past your top teeth. When you shut your mouth, your lower teeth are in front of your upper teeth. Your teeth will not appear utterly different from this when correctly aligned.

The severity of your underbite can range from minor to severe. Only 5 to 10% of people have an underbite, compared to up to 70% who have an overbite. An overbite is usually not a serious dental health problem. But even a slight underbite can cause severe health issues.

How Do Braces Fix an Underbite?

Repositioning the lower jaw is required to fix an underbite. When closing the mouth, the teeth’ position determines how the upper and lower jaws settle. An underbite can be improved by realigning the teeth with the help of braces.

Teeth Repositioning

Through orthodontic treatment, your teeth can be gradually realigned. Your orthodontist North Miami will center on realigning your teeth under the careful supervision of their team.

Light Pressure

The dentist will apply gentle but constant pressure to specific teeth with clear aligners and underbite braces as they gradually realign teeth. The underlying jawbone adapts to the movements as teeth shift into better alignment by slowly absorbing jawbone tissue.

In the last, you get the beautiful smile, and properly aligned teeth set you wished to have.

In Conclusion:

An underbite can cause many problems while talking or eating, so it is essential to treat this condition quickly. Orthodontic treatment offers an effective means of correcting an underbite. Talk to your orthodontist in Miami beach. Book an appointment now if you have an underbite problem and get a beautiful smile.

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