What Are The Major Health Issues Connected With Oral Health?

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Do you know that oral health is connected with overall health? Yes, because the mouth is a point from which you can eat food, drink water and perform other functions in daily routine activities.

That’s why the mouth is said to be the entry point causing bacteria and infections, as oral health is linked with other health conditions. According to research studies, it is estimated that oral health conditions are the most widely spread noncommunicable diseases affecting almost half of the population worldwide (5% or 3.5 billion) people dealing with said issues from old age to early life. To reduce the figures of oral conditions, get a consultation with a dentist newnan ga, to live a healthy and better life.

Other Health Issues Connected with Oral Health

Oral health is the primary reason for causing other significant diseases and health issues that are mentioned below:-

Cardiovascular Disease

The connection between oral and overall health still needs to be adequately clarified; some research studies suggest that clogged arteries, heart disease, and stroke are connected with the inflammation and infection of oral bacteria.

Pregnancy and Complications During Delivery

Periodontitis is a severe gum disorder that happens because of gum and damages the soft tissues nearby teeth as it is linked to premature birth and low birth weight.


Bacteria that are in line in your mouth can influence your lungs and other respiratory issues as it is linked to causing pneumonia.

What Diseases Can Be Linked Because of Bad Oral Habits

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal gum disease happens because of the soft tissues that support and surround nearby teeth. Bleeding, swelling, pain, bad breath, or swollen gums are the symptoms of Periodontal disease. In severe conditions, the gum comes from the tooth and the supporting bone, leading to loose teeth and sometimes falling out.

Bad oral habits, chewing tobacco, or smoking are the main reasons for causing periodontal disease. Approximately 19% of the adult population deals with periodontal diseases globally, showing more than 1 billion cases worldwide.

Edentulism (total tooth loss)

Total Teeth loss is the endpoint of bad oral health conditions mainly because of advanced dental issues and severe periodontal cases. Still, it happens sometimes because of traumas and other related issues.

People aged above 60 have more chance of losing teeth, and estimated that 23% of people are suffering from a high prevalence globally. However, the estimated global majority of tooth loss is nearly 7% among people who are aged above 20 years.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay causes when plaque is collected on the surface of a tooth and transforms into acid because of sugary products we consume (such as syrups, fruit juices, candies, etc. ). This is a significant reason that destroys teeth over time.

A high intake of sugars, lack of fluoride, or collected plaque is not being appropriately removed with brushing or flossing leads to cause pain, discomfort, and sometimes tooth infection and loss. Tooth decay is one of the common oral health issues determined by Dentists Peachtree City ga.  


To protect yourself from oral and other health issues, one must follow good oral hygiene practices such as brushing, flossing, and mouthwash to remove dust particles. Also, visit the dentist in peachtree city for routine checkups, which find out the oral issues at early stages.

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