What Do You Understand By The Term Bite Turbo?

October 18, 2022 0

Bite Turbos are tiny acrylic pads, ramps, or mounds cemented to the chewing surfaces of any back tooth or the tongue side of the upper front teeth. In our office, they may be metal, red, blue, or a natural hue. To open your jaw or bite, they momentarily connect bite turbos. They enable teeth to move without bumping into one another because they maintain your teeth apart. Wearing bite turbos can speed up the process of fixing some issues, therefore the name “turbo.”

Why Should We Have Bite Turbos?

They are used for two purposes and are a brief adjunct to your treatment.

  • Specific pressure is applied to the teeth when you bite on the biting turbos to aid movement. Orthodontics specialists of Florida often use it to assist patients with deep overbites. Still, you can also apply it in other circumstances.
  • Biting on the bite turbos lessens the breakage and damage to the opposing teeth and prevents biting on brackets.

Is It Normal For Me To Have Problems Biting Together With Bite Turbos?

According to an orthodontist in Aventura Florida, The back teeth will not come together wholly when chewing when they first bond Bite Turbos to the front teeth. The front teeth won’t contact if positioned on the back teeth. The first week of eating soft foods will help you get used to this new sort of bite because this condition is temporary. Your speech can be slightly altered, but it will improve after a week.

What Should We Do In Case Of A Broken Bite Turbo?

A Bite Turbo is unlikely to break, and there won’t be any issues if one Bite Turbo breaks or falls off. Please get in touch with your dental specialist if you misplace either of them. The best orthodontics near me likely set up an appointment to replace them, but if they might not be required, they make enough movement.

Do Bite Blocks Create Problems With Speech?

Some persons may slightly lisp or make vowel sounds differently when talking due to biting blockages in the path of their tongue. Blocks affixed to your teeth’ lingual (inside) surface are more likely to cause this issue. Even when speaking to individuals you know well, changes to your speech pattern may make you uncomfortable.

It helps to practice; you can begin by practicing individual sounds before moving on to phrases, sentences, and conversations. Working with a speech and language pathologist might be beneficial if the issue persists despite your continued practice.

Does It Cause Discomfort?

As your teeth start to migrate into new locations in your mouth after getting braces, you could experience some discomfort. Bite blocks may add to your discomfort because the force you use to chew is solely based on where your bite plates hit your teeth. Over-the-counter pain relievers can reduce most of the pain.

While getting used to your braces and bite blocks, you might also need to change your diet to include softer foods. Smoothies composed of fruits, veggies, and protein powder could be a healthy substitute for items that require chewing.


We hope the above-provided information will help you learn some beneficial and informative details regarding bite turbos. For more informational updates, please visit ivanovortho.com.

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