Why Should We Undertake Orthodontic Treatment?

October 3, 2022 0

For various reasons, you might opt to get orthodontic treatment from the best orthodontist for braces in Miami. Among them are:

  • Several dental malocclusions may detract from your appearance to make you look better. Your teeth may be crowded to the proclaimed (forward-protruding) upper front teeth.
  • Your upper and lower back teeth come together as you chew and swallow, which helps to improve their functional relationship. When the front teeth are overly proclined, it might cause diseases such as acquired tongue pushing or mouth breathing. Treatment of malocclusions at the appropriate age will enhance several oral functions.
  • To enhance overall dental health: Crowded or improperly aligned teeth are more challenging to keep clean, which leads to caries and periodontal issues. These teeth can be aligned appropriately with orthodontic treatment, enhancing oral health.

How does braces treatment work?

One of the terms for fixed orthodontic appliances is dental braces. The dental specialty known as orthodontics treats malocclusions or deviations in the alignment of the upper and lower jaws or the location of the teeth. Treatment options for these malocclusions include fixed and removable equipment.

Braces consist of wires and brackets, rectangular slots affixed to your teeth. Braces operate under the premise that when the bone receives pressure, it remodels, causing some areas to show bone growth and others to show bone resorption. They function by exerting steady, continuous pressure on your teeth, which is then passed to the bone.

Resorption will be seen where pressure is applied, whereas bone growth will be visible where tension is formed. Due to this regulated push, your teeth will gradually move in the bone, allowing them to align correctly.

What s the fitting process for braces?

A detailed diagnostic and treatment plan are part of the initial procedure. The orthodontist in Miami may need to take impressions of your teeth to create models. Additionally, they may perform radiographic exams. The dentist will only begin the procedure if they have determined your best course of action. Dentist braces near me may extract your teeth, most frequently your premolars, at the dentist’s discretion. Typically, they do this before fixing the braces. Usually, they remove one tooth at a time since they complete extractions in stages.

At a later session, the dentist near me for braces will attach the braces to your teeth after the extraction. They set the brackets to your teeth using specific cement and then connect the wires to your braces using elastics or maybe self-ligating braces. The dentist may add a new wire to shift the teeth further or may reevaluate your teeth’s movement during following appointments.

What happens post braces treatment?

After dentists are sure that the treatment is complete, they will remove the braces and prescribe you a retainer. The retainers ensure that the straightened teeth do not return to their original position as remodeling of the bones undergo six months to one year. N some cases, they may also provide you with a fixed retainer. They fix these retainers to your teeth. Find a good orthodontist near me for braces treatment.


We hope the above-provided information will help you learn some interesting and helpful details regarding dental braces. For further valuable information, please visit orthodontisbrace.com.

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