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January 29, 2021 0

The term “Wi-Fi” is often used everywhere. It means “Wireless Fidelity” . For simple understanding it refers wireless technology. Instead of depending on regular mobile phone services, the phones utilise the Wi-Fi hotspots. The technology consists of 2 vital wireless connectivity called IEEE 802.11a, 802.11b and 802.11g. There is a separate body for the promotion of this term and this body has associated with all kinds of wireless technology standards.

This Wi-Fi technology is widely used by laptop users or business travellers where they demand staying connected to their work while travelling. They need to get the internet connection wherever they are whether in a coffee shop, airport or while travelling. Broadband providers will charge separately for using this feature. When you want to use this technology, you have to make use of your PC or PDA with Wi-Fi connectivity. This feature has been mostly equipped in VOIP mobiles.

The main advantage of this feature is that there is no need of having an account offered by a Wi-Fi service provider. The basic requirement is Wi-Fi card and you can plug into your PC before opening a browser. When your mobile is featured with this wireless fidelity, the speed of transferring data will be high. If a product has certified by the Wi-Fi alliance then it indicates that the device has embedded with this wireless internet connectivity but under the specifications IEEE 802.11 protocols.

Wi-Fi opens up lot of advancements offering improved voice quality, video conferencing and other data storing capabilities on mobile devices. There are plenty of companies enabling Wi-Fi phones to reduce the cost within the corporate environment and offices. This wire free technology has been embedded with most of recent devices like VOIP phones, DVD players, digital cameras and internet. What is the use of having a phone just for oral communication? BT Fusion plays main role to offer this technology for the next generation.

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