How Does Online Addiction Counseling Help?

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Behavioral and substance addiction can impact a person’s emotional, physical, social, and financial life. Fortunately, several treatments are available, including online options. Online Addiction Services Edmonton can be feasible for those dealing with such addictions. Studies found that people who receive online therapy for substance and behavioral addiction disorders show more improvement than those who dont get any treatment. People who might not be able to attend individual sessions or group gatherings physically can still receive the assistance they require through online therapy.

Online therapy techniques.

Some evidence-inspired therapeutic approaches in online format are easier to adapt than others, such as:

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

The most popular form of CBT focuses on assisting individuals in identifying and averting unpleasant thoughts and behaviors. People may benefit from this technique to identify triggers that result in cravings and then learn how to avoid them.

Motivational Interviewing.

Motivational interviewing is another treatment method that can work effectively online. In this therapy technique, therapists guide structured discussions that teach patients how to understand how their lives might be different and better if they give up using drugs or alcohol.

What should you expect?

Online Addiction Counseling relies on technology to provide and enhance psychotherapy. There are various online therapy options available for addiction treatment. These may include:

Therapist-led online therapy

A therapist can use online video, phone calls, E-mails, and chat to meet their clients virtually. Therapy sessions would last as much as they would in regular office-therapy settings but using online tools and equipment. Once COVID-related exemptions are withdrawn since FaceTime and Skype, do not comply with HIPAA, a therapist or clinicians for Edmonton Anger Management will have to use a HIPAA-compliant platform instead, like VSee, or Zoom,

Computer-assisted therapy.

People can also use interactive, online curricula that serve as a therapy roadmap without much help from a therapist. As you progress through a predetermined set of lessons, you might watch instructional content, take computerized examinations, adhere to tutorials, and finish homework projects.

Technology-supplemented therapy.

This method may incorporate traditional face-to-face therapy with technology such as texting, video chats, phone calls, or mobile applications.

Web-assisted therapy.

This therapy method may use mobile apps or online therapy websites to guide patients through activities and sessions.


Traditional Addictions Counselling Edmonton treatments frequently see low utilization and a high percentage of dropouts. It shows that these conventional solutions might not entirely meet the requirements of people. Online therapy may fill this gap for those not seeking or pursuing established treatment modalities.

A Counsellor for Anxiety revealed that internet therapy might assist you in reducing your substance use both immediately following treatment and throughout long-term follow-up. However, the review’s authors argue that more study is necessary, particularly to examine and contrast the efficacy of various online solutions. Some studies prove that online therapy may outperform face-to-face therapy sessions.


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