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It isn’t too often that you get special events to celebrate in life. On those rare occasions, it is only justified that you go all out of the way to make it memorable for the rest of your life. People are always looking for new innovative ideas to make an anniversary or a birthday special. One of the best ways to celebrate an event with family and friends is to charter a Yacht. Nothing can compare to a luxury yacht charter.

Charter A Yacht:

The experience of yachting itself is one of a kind, something that most people do not get to do often. What could be more special than sharing this unique experience with people you love?

There are several occasions for which you could consider a luxury yacht charter. You can consider hosting a wedding, a reception, a corporate success party, a special birthday celebration, an anniversary, or any other special day on a yacht.

There can be several different ways to celebrate on a yacht. You can decide to either charter a yacht for a day, for a weekend, or for more days if required. The more time you can afford to spend on a yacht the better the experience is, however, the cost factor needs to be kept in mind as well.

How does yacht size impact cost?

Factors that influence the cost of the charter may include;

  • The eminence of the crew.
  • The dynamic design of the yacht.
  • The most important factor; the size of the yacht. Hence, the bigger the size, the more you are likely to pay.

For example;  a luxurious yacht that offers accommodation for twelve guests. It consists of six cabins comprising a master bedroom with a king-size bed with bathroom facilities that include a shower and lavatory.  It also has additional five cabins having accommodation of up to nineteen crew onboard to make sure that you enjoy the luxurious experience and you get what you need while on the board.

Moreover, if the charter size is;

Length; 88m / 289ft, Beam; 12.9m / 42’4, Draft; 11m / 36’1.

This charter yacht may be very expensive.

On the other hand;

If your luxury yacht contains accommodation for four guests in three cabins. The master bedroom contains a double bed with bathroom facilities that contain a shower and a lavatory. The two additional guest accommodations are also available in another two cabins. You will find two crew onboard to offer an amazing experience.

If the size is;

Length; 19.2m / 63ft, Beam; 9.8m / 32’2, Draft; 1.1m / 3’7.

The cost may not be very expensive to you.

Factors that Affect Yacht Charter Prices:

The luxury charter yachts are owned privately, therefore, the prices are fixed by the owner. The prices of similar boat lengths may have major differences due to a wide range of factors such as design, structure, and the number of crew members to cater requirements of the guests on the board.

More factors that impact the price are discussed below:

The Yacht:

The age of the boat, meaning the year in which it was built, the builder or designer, selection of water toys may also raise the price of a yacht. The popularity of the boats’ owner also heightens the price. For example, if the yacht belongs to a reputed builder, it directly affects the pricing of the boat.


Prices automatically increase when this is the high season which means whether it is high summer or low winter in the Caribbean. The prices decrease in low seasons.


The charter destination also affects the pricing of the charter. Destinations like the Eastern Mediterranean shores without enormous charter fleets can raise the cost of it. Moreover, yacht charters are generally hired in two main seasons i.e summer and winter. These seasons are considered the peak times and can push up the cost. Also, the Caribbean charters are more expensive from December to March whereas Mediterranean charters are at high rates during the summer months.

Water toys:

This modest-sounding term really portrays a significant reserve of gear going from kayaks, paddle sheets, and submerged Seabobs to expensive, powerful yacht tenders (more modest boats), stream skis, and individual submarines.

Discounting is unconventional in the charter yacht industry. In fact, dealings can some of the time work the reverse way around

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