Nine FAQs About Bite Turbos

October 11, 2022 0

1.  Is it normal for bite turbos to fall off?

A Bite Turbo is unlikely to go out of control, and there won’t be any issues if one Bite Turbo does fall off. Please phone us if you misplace either of them. We’ll likely set up an appointment to have them replaced, but if enough movement has been made, they might not be required anymore.

2.  Are bite blocks permanent?

Because bite turbos are attached to the teeth in place constantly, most deep bites with bite turbos open in six to nine months. Your orthodontics specialists in Florida may allow you to take out the bite turbos.

3.  Can you eat with bite turbos?

Your back teeth won’t come together completely when you chew when you first get your front teeth into a quick bite. Additionally, your front teeth won’t touch when put on the back teeth. It is only a momentary condition; consuming soft food will help you handle this kind of bite.

4.  How long do you wear a bite plate?

As with any orthodontic appliance, you should brush your teeth and the entire bite plate. They wear the bite plate for three to six months depending on the required adjustment. Bring it with you to every appointment with an orthodontist in Aventura, Florida.

5.  When can I start chewing food properly after getting bite turbos for braces?


If they are placed on the back teeth, the front teeth will not touch. This is a temporary condition, and eating soft foods for the first week will allow you to tolerate this new type of bite. Your speech may be slightly affected but will return to normal within a week.

6.  Can you eat with block braces?

Chewing Issues with a new bite block, your jaw won’t be used to closing the way it is now being made to do. That’s why chewing may be challenging after a bite block is installed. One thing that will help is to stick to soft, non-chewy foods the first few days after you get your bite block.

7.  How long does it take to get used to turbos?

You may feel gum soreness for up to four to seven days, and the turbos will become a regular part of your life. May you feel your teeth are wiggy, and you need not worry as you will get a new smile. Your best orthodontics near me may recommend headache medicine, including ibuprofen or Tylenol.

8.  Can you eat with a bite plate?

Your dentists may recommend wearing bite plates twenty-four hours a day, including the time when you are eating. You can remove them only when you are brushing or playing a game that requires a mouth guard. Other than that, you should wear them all the time.

9.  Why do my bite turbos hurt?

Initially, after wearing the bite turbos, you may feel swelling in your teeth for a short time. If your bite turbos are in place, your back teeth may not align when you bite. This condition is quite common and will change eventually as the teeth move.

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