Overbite: Types, Signs, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

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Recently, everyone is looking for an orthodontist near me for their dental health issues. As there are many dental problems which must be treated with the help of an orthodontist. And one of the main common and typical issues found in everyone is an overbite. The problem of overbite is too large as it overlaps the top teeth onto the bottom teeth. If this is the case then it is known as an excessive overbite.

Let’s understand the overbite dental problem in detail.

What do you understand by overbite?

Overbite is an issue where the top front teeth overlap the bottom of the teeth excessively. It represents a distortion, malocclusions,  teeth crowdedness, or deformity. Most of the cases of overbite are found in upper teeth. Now if this problem of overbite is serious then it leads to tooth decay, pain in jaws, and gum disease. An overlap of more than 2-3 mm is considered an excessive overbite. And to fix overbite or for the treatment visit a licensed experienced orthodontist. It should be noted that if the overlap is 2-3 mm or more than this then it is an excessive one and should be treated by the best orthodontist near me.

Types of Overbite

Generally, there are two sorts of overbite i.e;  skeletal and dental, or the combination of both.

  1. Skeletal Overbite- this is the overbite which arises because of abnormal jaw bone development. And this will lead to growing your teeth and jaws inappropriately.
  2. Dental overbite- It occurs because of the external disturbance of dental growth. For example with bad oral habits or loss of back teeth etc.

Signs of overbite Problem

Given below are some signs of the overbite issues-

  • Pain in jaws
  • A problem arises while opening and closing the mouth.
  • Challenges come in giving speeches.
  • Discomfort while chewing and eating food.

What are the causes of overbite?

Most of the time overbite is because of the family heredity. And other than this it causes because of the following factors-

  • Teeth grinding
  • Tongue thrusting
  • Excessive nail biting
  • nonnutritive sucking behavior (NNSB)
  • Thumb sucking
  • Overcrowding

How can we diagnose our overbite?

Normally what happens is that the healthcare dentist will be going to examine an overbite with the physical examination for the first instance. Then the dentist will then take an X-ray for further process of overbite examination and how teeth align.

If your condition is critical then your dentist will suggest you go for an orthodontist. The orthodontist Miami is a professional dentist who is focused on jaw and tooth alignment. Furthermore, see a picture of treatment look on our website for overbite before and after.

What are the treatments for Overbite?

The treatment of overbite is different for both adults and children. So let’s discuss the treatments available in both cases.

The adult’s treatment may involve-

  • adult braces near me to move the affected teeth by overbite.
  • Overbite braces surgery to correct jaw alignment.
  • Teeth removal for others to grow more and properly.

The children treatment may include-

  • Retainers to use after the ceramic braces Miami fl
  • Baby teeth removal for managing the space of adult teeth.
  • Devices used for growth modification for the repositioning of the jaws.

Hence, this was the guide on overbite and will definitely work for you. So, for the best overbite treatment, you should visit an orthodontist North Miami beach.

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