Periotomes Application In Tooth Extraction

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Neglect, poor hygiene, and underlying health conditions can be the leading causes of oral disease and tooth decay. Despite prioritizing the preservation of natural teeth, dentists often resort to extractions because of the severity of the illness. Fortunately, with tools such as peristomes, the extraction can be completely atraumatic.

The success of removal depends on the precision of the dental surgical instrument being used and the technique applied. That said before the invention of proximators, larger tools such as forceps were used for extraction. Not only did this make removal difficult but also traumatized the tissue and gum, extending recovery times significantly.

What is a Periotome?


Proximators are luxation tools designed with a thin serrated tip to smoothly penetrate the periodontal ligament. The tip is straight or curved depending on the variation the exodontists use for atraumatic tooth removal.

The tip of the instrument is also fitted with a sharp blade and may be coated with titanium to slice through the connective tissue and fiber once the tooth has been elevated. the tool also has ergonomic handles to provide the dentists with maximum comfort when luxating and removing a malposed or bicuspid tooth from its socket. The handle also plays a vital role in how controlled the maneuvers are when detaching a tooth from the base of the alveolar bone. Improper tools result in damaged ligament and tissue which defeats the purpose of preservation for future dental procedures.

Function and Use:

for exodontia, it is essential to have high-quality tools at your disposal. Today, extractions are less painful, and the removal site must recover quickly and fully to facilitate implants. To achieve these objectives a periodontist uses luxation tools such as proximators. These fine-tipped instruments assist in atraumatic removal due to their purpose-built design.  Fitted with blades, these can be used to sever the fibers once the tooth is elevated for extraction.

This also prevents damage to the buccal plate as dentists don’t have to change tools once the teeth have been mobilized enough. Besides the basic single-ended design, you can find dual-edged instruments as well to gently remove fractured r impacted teeth.

In addition to this, for difficult to extract teeth said instrument acts as a preparing tool before dental forceps can be used for a targeted pulling.


Akin to other surgical instruments, periotomes, are also available in different orientations to give the surgeon enhanced control and engagement in different quadrants of the oral cavity. Following are a few variations used frequently during exodontic procedures

  • Graflex Tome Micro Serrated Flexible Titanium

The micro serrations on this variation allow a gentle insertion into the ligament around the tooth. The rounded ergonomic handle promotes easy overhead luxation movements that easily detach the impacted tooth from its socket. These are available in 2 and 3mm configurations.

  • Flat blade/ socket Expander

Not all extractions entail a smooth removal from the periodontal ligament. In some cases, the socket needs to be manipulated to reach the base of the bone. Exodontists use the push and cut motion to detach the epithelial attachment without traumatizing the surrounding tissue. This is a double-ended tool that can be flipped to better access the base of the tooth if needed.

  • Elio-2

This is a uniquely designed tool that has slightly curved tips at the ends of a steel shaft. The curved edge fits perfectly in the periodontal ligament to manipulate the base and carefully detach the binding fibers.

These are the most common types used in dental surgery. Several other variations facilitate atraumatic surgery.

Periotomes for Extraction: Is this a game-changer?

Proximators are highly significant in preserving the integrity of the tissue and the bone. This improves healing times and creates the perfect site for an implant. The design of the tool ensures that the shape of the socket is not compromised even when removing fractured or broken teeth.

Elevating success in atraumatic teeth removal: Dental Angle vators

Much like regular surgical procedures, tooth extraction may require a conjunction of tools to be a success. Revolutionary instruments such as the Anglevator are a leap in innovation designed to facilitate surgeons in atraumatic removal. This amalgamation of elevators, luxation tools, crane picks, chisels, and proximators.

The configuration of this tool makes it an all-in-one solution for upper and lower placement removals. The ergonomic handle allows for smooth overhead twisting motions that easily severs the connection of the tooth from its base and elevate it for removal.

How to find High-Quality Proximators and Anglevators?

GerdentUSA Inc is a name synonymous with quality and exceptional customer care. Their patented anglevator design has made them the preferred choice for dentists across the globe. Whether you are looking for proximator variations, dental forceps, or other extraction tools, they are the best in the industry.

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