Reasons Why Mens Wooden Sunglasses are the Coolest

June 21, 2022 0

Wood sunglasses are quickly becoming the cool new accessory of summer 2022 because they provide so many distinct advantages over conventional plastic sunglasses. Not only do wood sunglasses look incredible, but they also protect your eyes better, are more durable, and are eco-friendly! If you’re trying to figure out how to buy real wood sunglasses and aren’t sure where to start, here are 5 reasons why real wood sunglasses are the coolest this summer!

They’re Natural

Maybe not for everyone, but most people like a product with some history and character. The great thing about wooden sunglasses is that they tell a story: namely, that they’re authentic and organic, like your other favorite mens sunglasses styles. Wooden sunglasses simply aren’t produced in bulk numbers—they are handcrafted, giving them a sense of heritage that other mens sunglasses styles can’t match. Let your guests wear these handmade sunglasses when you have an outdoor wedding or if you want to add fun accents to your bachelorette party . You’ll feel just as unique as if you were wearing them yourself! All of our wooden sunglass designs can be handcrafted with love just for you so order yours today.

They Have a Heritage

You see, there’s a difference between history and heritage. Think of an old, out-of-style pair of glasses that you have lying around your house. Those were in style at one point but are no longer so; those glasses might have history but they don’t have heritage. On the other hand, think about your favorite pair of sunglasses — they might be a little beat up, maybe a few scratches here and there, but they still feel comfortable on your face and you absolutely love them. That’s heritage. It is something that has survived through time because it worked well or satisfied someone in some way before us.

They Feel Like Quality

You can tell a lot about something from its weight. A solid watch feels much different than a hollow plastic piece, for example. In much of the same way, wooden sunglasses feel different than their plastic counterparts—heavier and more sturdy. When you pick up one of these stylish mens sunglasses styles, it’s almost like you know you’re holding quality in your hands. Perhaps it’s because there is no other material with such an organic feeling; many glasses look and feel industrial compared to their wooden counterparts. Whatever it is, you have to admit that there’s something special about them. To some people, that may be worth a price premium alone.

They Last Long

A good pair of wooden sunglasses can be worn and used for years before they lose their shape or need to be replaced. The woods have a solid construction which is both durable and long lasting. You will get your money’s worth out of a wooden sunglass frame. A lot of these types of frames last up to 10 years if they’re taken care of properly, while plastic ones only tend to last around 1-2 years before they need replacing.

They Look Very Retro

Wayfarers have been around for almost 90 years, which means they predate rock and roll. They’re a classic that has withstood time, trends, and other popular fashion statements. They go with everything: Your outfit doesn’t have to be entirely black-and-white to pair with wayfarers—though it probably won’t hurt if it is. If you need an extra pop of color on your shirt or shoes, these shades work well in just about any combination. You can wear them at night: Not all sunglasses are made for nighttime use, but because wayfarers feature non-reflective lenses you can rock them whenever—and wherever—you want to. No one will even know you didn’t come prepared to party.

They Give off The Outdoor Vibe

They aren’t just sunglasses; they’re your outdoor goggles. When you think of these items, you probably think of sunny days at beaches and pool parties. They make you look cool: Not only do they fit in with an outdoorsy persona, but they also give off a hipster vibe. Nobody looks hipster these days; that means that wooden sunglasses are instantly cooler than anything else on earth. They add value to your outfit: Other people may not notice it, but when you stick these in your pocket, it automatically adds value to whatever else is inside. Are your keys worth $10? No? Well then let’s try sticking them in here… Just kidding! Don’t do that! You don’t want to lose those!

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