Reasons Why Travel Is Good For Your Stress

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Going on a trip is more than just entertainment. According to science, it has a positive effect on health. So, let’s make an effort actually to make time to go.

You may not be able to cure your illness just because you went on a trip, but seeing a different landscape will give you a nice time and photos and will keep you in good shape. This blog will explain why you should go on a trip.

Why Traveling is a Good Method to Release Stress?

A questionnaire asks about the experience of stress-relieving travel. 60.9% of men and 75.7% of women answered that more than half of both men and women have traveled to relieve stress. Comparing overseas travel and domestic travel, 28.8% of men and 35.7% of women answered that they went abroad, while 14.4% of men and 14.6% of women traveled domestically. It was a lot of results.

It is said that visiting a new place and remembering it actually stimulates the brain. Is it fundamentally important for living things to grasp space? In order for the brain to recognize a new space, it is said that a spatial map is created in the brain by connecting the memories of places. Ignite Digital is the solution for all your queries regarding this information.

Health Benefits of Travel

Travel is excellent for mental and physical health

The following results of travel benefits were summarized in a research project conducted by the Association of Travel Agents, saying, “During a trip, your immunity will increase, and you can expect the effect of preventing aging such as skin, lifestyle-related diseases, and cancer.” Please refer to the mechanism of the effect on the body and mind and the way of future travel.

Ways to reduce the stress through travel

Touching nature and sunbathing

You can relieve stress by just hitting the sun or breathing in the air near the green. It is said that when exposed to sunlight, the secretion of serotonin, which is called the “happiness hormone,” increases, and the feeling of happiness and satisfaction increases. It is also good to take a walk in a familiar park or riverside at a bright time.

In these cases, various techniques are used to show the effect of travel quantitatively. For example, you can wear a wearable device all the time to collect and analyze behavioral data such as activity and sleep time. Another method is to make a stress diagnosis by measuring salivary amylase activity. Until now, the effects of travel, which could only be measured by individual subjectivity, are being objectively verified by utilizing IT and science. It is expected that these verifications will continue to clarify the relationship between travel and health. For more information visit this website.

How to manage your business while you’re on holiday

How good is stressfree travel in the first place for your health? In one demonstration experiment, it was reported that when comparing home remote work and vacation, vacation positively affected work productivity and mental and physical health. As for the subjectivity of those who have traveled, more than 80% answered that they could expect health promotion effects.


In addition, since traveling requires various choices and judgments, the brain is stimulated, and the secretion of substances in the brain becomes active. Furthermore, during the trip, serotonin, a substance in the brain called a happiness hormone, is secreted more than usual, and it is said that you can feel calm and relaxed.

Thus, travel is full of new stimuli that bring the brain to life, and the brain needs its activation. Serotonin increases during travel to maintain a sense of well-being even after returning to daily life. click here for the travelling location tips.

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