What Are The Different Types Of Dental Veneers Available?

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There are many people out there who are suffering from the problem of stained and crooked teeth, if you are one of them we consider you an individual that is looking for a solution to fight this. Dental veneers require the Best Dentist For Veneers for placing them in your teeth, so make sure to visit the best dentist. Now, let’s talk about some people that are unknown about dental veneers and their types. For them, it is important to read this article till the end for gaining in-depth information about dental veneers.

What are dental veneers?

As we mentioned above Dental Veneers Houston TX are customized teeth colored artificial teeth that fit over your front teeth. These veneers are for people who have stained, chipped, and discolored teeth, these veneers are not for missing teeth.

The main objective of dental veneers is to transform the shape, color, size, and texture of your natural teeth.  Many cosmetic dentists suggested that veneers are also used as Straighten teeth options and sometimes as for enhancing the smile.  These veneers are generally placed over the front teeth, instead of the back. These veneers are made to fix chipped teeth of various-sized teeth, crooked teeth, and tooth discoloration.

What are the types of teeth veneers?

There are four Types of Dental Veneers that are made of porcelain including:

1. Porcelain Veneers:

Porcelain is the most common veneer that is used by every local orthodontist because these porcelain veneers for tooth gaps are made up of negligibly contaminated material which is generally used for all dental restorations.

These porcelain veneers for cracked tooth are the strongest and longest-lasting of all veneer materials. These veneers are the most popular and natural-looking, long-lasting option but the most important con of these veneers is they are a little more expensive than other veneers because they are extremely biocompatible.

2. Composite Veneers:

Many of you must have heard about composite veneers a lot. They are quite popular because they are made of composite resin, which is formed by the blending of inorganic and organic materials. These composite veneers are made of the same material as other tooth fillings but they are durable than other dental veneers but not as porcelain veneers. The material used in making composite resin veneers is exactly as tooth-colored filling. Many of you will find these veneers affordable than others but the con of these veneers is that they get stained easily. Composite veneers are an enduring resolution if you require some teeth shaving before placement.

3. Lumineers:

Lumineers are not particularly a type of veneer but it is a brand of veneers that are formed of extra thin porcelain laminate material. These veneers do not require days and weeks for preparation, only minimal preparation is required for these. Lumineers are the most reasonable brand of dental veneers used by every other patient that doesn’t require teeth removal before placement.

4. Removable Veneers:

Removable veneers are not a permanent solution for your teeth, these veneers are not durable as others. Removable veneers are also known as snap-on veneers and temporary veneers. There are two types of temporary veneers:

  • Instant veneers and
  • Custom-made clip-on veneers

If you are looking for veneers then make sure to search on the web for the best orthodontist nearby.


Hopefully, this article was a help for you, and now you have insight into different types of dental veneers. If you have any queries related to this article and if you want to know about Porcelain Veneers Before And After then make sure to visit our website and contact us!

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