What Is A Dental Bridge?

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A dental bridge tooth 77084 is a long-lasting device that bridges the gap left by a lost tooth or teeth. It comprises several parts that are joined together to fit into the space left by your missing tooth or teeth. Dental bridges can substitute partial dentures, and a bridge can improve your speech ability, bite, and appearance of your teeth. Gold, alloys, or porcelain are just a few materials that can create a dental bridge. Dental office cypress tx uses porcelain to replace front teeth because it may be matched your natural tooth color.

What Are The Various Types Of Dental Bridges?

Mainly dentists use four types of dental bridges:

Traditional Dental Bridge

An artificial tooth or teeth are held in place by dental crowns bonded to each abutment tooth in a typical dental bridges. According to dental office cypress, when you have healthy teeth on each side of the gap left by your missing tooth, you can use a conventional bridge, the most common type of dental bridge.

Cantilever Dental Bridge

Although similar to a conventional bridge, a cantilever dental bridges Houston only uses one abutment tooth and a dental crown to secure the pontic. Only one natural tooth is required to fill the gap left by the missing teeth for a cantilever bridge.

Implant-Supported Dental Bridge

As the name indicates, dental implants support bridges rather than crowns or frameworks. An implant is often surgically placed for every lost tooth, and this implant holds the bridge in place. Suppose it is impossible to place one dental implant for each lost tooth. In that case, the bridge may consist of a pontic left hanging between two dental implant-supported crowns.

According to the cypress dental office, an implant-supported bridge often needs two procedures. It is said to be the most robust and stable system:

  • One is to drill the implants in the jawbone.
  • A second surgery to place the bridge

Maryland Dental Bridge

Maryland dental bridges use two healthy teeth as abutment teeth, one on either side of the gap, just like a conventional bridge. A Maryland dental bridges uses a metal or porcelain framework attached to the backs of the abutment teeth, unlike a typical bridge, which uses dental crowns on the abutment teeth.

What Happens During The Procedure Of Placing A Traditional Dental Bridge?

Typically, you’ll require at least two appointments:

Preparation Of The Abutment Teeth:

During your initial visit, your doctor will reshape the abutment teeth and remove some of the enamel and dentin to make way for the crown.


Your dentist office cypress takes digital scans and impressions of your teeth. The dental lab creates all your bridges, fake teeth, and crowns using the mold or impression as a model. While the lab makes your dental bridges, you will have a temporary bridge to shield the uncovered parts of your mouth.

Placement Of The Permanent Bridge:

During your second dental visit, your dental specialist will replace the temporary bridge with a new one. To ensure that the new bridge fits you perfectly, your dental care provider will inspect it and make any crucial modifications.


The above-provided details will help you learn some beneficial things about dental bridges. For more informational updates, please refer to dentalanddentistry.com.

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