What Is Tooth Decay In Children?

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Tooth decay is a breakdown or destruction of tooth enamel, which may lead to cavities or holes in teeth.

What causes tooth decay in a child?

The cause of tooth decay is a bacterial attack on the tooth enamel. It happens when food containing carbohydrates or sugar is left out on the surface of your teeth. Such food includes milk, soda, raisins, candy, and juices. Bacteria stay in your mouth and change into acid. The combination of bacteria, food, and saliva is called plaque, which sticks to your tooth. If not removed, then this plaque converts into tartar. And it may eat away at your tooth enamel, And causes a cavity. For a regular check-up, you can visit a dentist pediatric Miami.

Why are children at risk for tooth decay?

All children have bacteria in their mouths. So all of them are at high risk of getting tooth decay. However, the following may increase the chances of risk:

  • High levels of the bacteria that may cause cavities
  • Food consumption with higher amounts of sugar substances and starches are present.
  • A higher amount of fluoride in the water supply may increase the chances of tooth cavities.
  • Poor health and oral hygiene
  • Lesser saliva release than normal

symptoms of tooth decay

White spots start forming on the affected area of your teeth. These spots mean the enamel is beginning to break down layer-to-layer. This may lead to early sensitivity in the teeth. An early cavity appears on the tooth and has a lightish brown color. The cavity starts becoming dark and more profound.

The most common symptoms of tooth decay are pain around the diseased teeth and sensitivity to a particular food, such as sweets and cold drinks. These symptoms may vary from child to child because cavities don’t always have symptoms.

What are the primary steps of tooth decay diagnoses in a child?

Usually, your VIP pediatric dentist diagnoses tooth decay based on:

  • A complete disease history of your child
  • An examination and scanning of your child’s mouth
  • Dental X-rays and digital scans


Treatment of your children depends on symptoms, age, and general health. And mostly, it will depend on the severity and complexity of the case. In most cases, the pediatric dentist miami beach removes or replaces the decayed part of your enamel with a filling. They place filling material in teeth to repair tooth decay, and this procedure is called restoration of teeth. There are different kinds of fillings. You should ask your best pediatric dentist Miami about the restoration process.

Direct restorations: This restoration requires a single visit to keep a filling inside the tooth(directly into a prepared hole). These filings are silver, fine glass powders, acrylic acids, or resin and are often tooth-colored.

Indirect restorations: These restorations require more than one visit. They include inlays, onlays, veneers, bridges, and crowns. These are metallic such as; gold, metal alloys, ceramics, or composites. And most of them can look like natural tooth enamel.


It would help if you focused on your children’s dental health. And help them with brushing and flossing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. And it would be best if you visit your pediatric dentist in Miami at least twice a year.

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