Which Braces Are Best For The Underbite Treatment?

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When it comes to our face and physical features, we know that smile is the most crucial thing that enhances your physical beauty.

In the present, technology has been significantly advanced, which has benefited from showcasing new treatments that can make your smile more pleasant. A good smile can raise your confidence when standing in public and taking in social gatherings. In this article, we will discuss the different types of treatment that can make your smile more beautiful and treat the underbite. To know more about the same, continue reading it.

What is an underbite?

We have found from studies that underbite is a dental condition in which an individual’s lower tooth comes forward and unfolds the upper teeth. The situation is also known as Class III malocclusion, which provokes severe misalignment in the jaw of children and adults.

What are the primary reasons for having an underbite?

Here are the possible reasons for having an underbite:

  • Genetics

Genetics can significantly impact how an underbite develops. You could be more prone to getting an underbite if one or both of your parents did.

  • Bad Oral Habits

Bad oral behaviors, such as thumb sucking, can direct the development of an underbite.

  • Jaw Development

An underbite may result from uneven upper- and lower-jaw development. An underbite can happen if the lower jaw grows faster than the upper jaw.

  • Injury

A facial or jaw injury may result in the development of an underbite.

  • Misaligned teeth

An underbite may develop due to misaligned teeth. An underbite could arise from the lower jaw being forced forward if the teeth are not correctly positioned.

  • Orthodontic Care

An underbite can be fixed with orthodontic care. The teeth and jaw can be repositioned using underbite braces or other orthodontic tools.

  • Surgery

To rectify an underbite, surgery may occasionally be required. The jaw and teeth might be repositioned surgically to repair an underbite.

Which is the best treatment for an underbite?

  • Two kinds of braces are particularly effective for treating an underbite. However, these are not the typical wire braces that come to mind when you hear of getting braces. The objective of treating an underbite is to pull the upper teeth outward to align them with the lower teeth properly.
  • A face mask with a reverse pull is the first choice. The top back teeth are held together with metal bands. In order to gradually pull the upper teeth outward and cure the underbite over time, the face mask is then put on to connect with the wires.
  • The next option offered by an affordable orthodontist near me is an upper jaw expander, an orthodontic appliance. A wireframe device is fastened along the palate in the patient’s upper mouth. Every night, with a tiny, specialized instrument, a small amount of width is added to that wireframe expander. To address the underbite, the expander gradually pushes the upper teeth outward over time.

Summing it up

We hope that you liked and enjoyed the article and now have a proper understanding of what underbite is and what are the causes of underbite. We have also mentioned some of the best treatment options to treat the underbite. You can also go with the option of using cute braces colors to make your smile more attractive. In addition to that, you can also contact the best adult orthodontist near me in the town to take the counseling session before hopping on to the treatment.

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