What Are Burnout Symptoms and Treatment?

April 21, 2022 0

Are you struggling with a stressful lifestyle, making you exhausted? It has been a common concern among people when they feel under extreme pressure and don’t know how to cope.

Possible causes behind such situations can be workplace stress, near and dear ones’ expectations, conflicts with colleagues, extreme commitments, and balancing multi-tasks simultaneously. If you feel helpless to cope with such unnecessary stress, you must need help. What do you call this situation of yours? Professionals call it burnout.

What Is Burnout?

 Burnout is a kind of mental trauma in which people feel demotivated and exhausted by continually feeling swamped. Usually, people suffer from such issues when facing excessive and protracted mental, emotional and physical stress for a long time. This feeling can make you emotionally drained, and you lose hope to live a happy life eventually.

What Are The Signs and Symptoms?

 However, there is no specific way to identify or diagnose this psychological disorder, but this does not mean that you should not get burnout treatment.

Signs & Symptoms:

Less Interest In Job:

People start feeling exhausted and lose interest in work activities. They become cynical about the working conditions and their colleagues. Slowly and gradually, they make emotional distance from everyone at the office and start feeling numb about their job.

Physical Symptoms Due To Emotional Distress:

 Constant stress or anxiety may result in physical symptoms, including stomach aches or intestinal issues.

People can also experience: 


     Digestive complications

     Muscle tension

     High blood pressure 

Emotional fatigue:

Mental exhaustion or burnout makes people feel drained, helpless to cope, and dizzy. People suffering from burnout feel low energy and don’t have any interest in doing their work.

Poor performance at work:

Burnout affects individuals’ working ability at home or the workplace. If you are a family person, you have to deal with multiple tasks involving caring for family members. But people with burnout lose the capacity to balance between work and home, therefore, start feeling depressed, resulting in difficulty concentrating and lack of creativity.  

It is crucial to deal with this mental trauma in time; otherwise, people may experience feelings of hopelessness leading to thoughts of suicide.

How to recover from burnout? 

Although there is no quick treatment for burnout at work, recovery is still possible.   

1. Monitoring Of Stress Levels: 

You can track your stress levels using a stress tracker device to monitor your anxiety level. Stress trackers can help you comprehend one’s stress patterns and behaviours. 

2. Recognize your stressors: 

If you know your stress triggers, you can avoid them to prevent stress triggers. People can have different stress triggers like interaction with certain people, money, work, physical ailment, etc. Once you know your stress triggers, you can avoid paying attention.

3. Start journaling: 

Create a habit of journaling daily incidents of your life. It will act as an outstanding emotional decompressor. You might not like it or feel useless, but eventually, you will start feeling better.  

If nothing is making you feel better, you can seek professional help from a therapist or take the guidance of someone who can teach you about growth, progress, and self-improvement. Moreover, professionals know better about how to treat burnout; therefore, you need not feel embarrassed or ashamed about it. 

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