How to keep your AC ducts clean in Dubai

May 16, 2022 0

Why your air conditioner does not work at peak performance? The reason could be that the air ducts in your home or office are dirty and clogged with dust and other particles, which can reduce the effectiveness of your air conditioning unit and cause it to wear out sooner than normal, according to specialists at Ac Duct Cleaning in Dubai. Let’s find out more about this problem and how you can protect yourself from it by keeping your air ducts clean on a regular basis.

5 Tips To Keep Your Air Conditioner In Good Shape

If you want to make sure that your air conditioner unit is in tip-top shape, here are five tips that can help you get there. These steps are simple and won’t take more than a few minutes each day. All you need is a vacuum cleaner and an old toothbrush. Cleaning it out regularly will also give you peace of mind—especially if you’re considering selling or renting out your home. Use these tips and follow along with our handy infographic!

Hire A Professional To Do The Job

You can do it yourself, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can be dangerous. While some AC maintenance can be performed without a professional’s help, cleaning up your air duct system requires specialized tools and knowledge. And if you have pets or allergies—or if there are just too many vents in your home—it’s probably best to hire a specialist. No matter how much you know about air conditioners, there are other factors at play here: where do you store all of that dust and dirt that gets extracted from those vent pipes? Where does it go? Can you find someone who will return with specialized equipment once a year for an annual checkup? These are questions only a professional can answer.

Keep It Cool

If you’re not keeping an eye on it, even brand-new air conditioners can accumulate dust and other debris that block airflow. Once it gets inside, your thermostat will think your home is colder than it actually is, so it’ll cool even more—which means you’ll have to raise the temperature. You should have a professional inspect and service your AC every few years (or at least once a year) and they will take care of any issues like cleaning or replacing filters. That’s one of many reasons why pro A/C maintenance is such a good idea: It keeps everything working at peak efficiency while extending its lifespan by several years.

Use White Vinegar

This is probably a weird tip, but you can actually use white vinegar for ac maintenance Dubai. Fill up a spray bottle with about 5% white vinegar and water. Spray it on some paper towels and wipe down any dirty parts of your air conditioner. The combination of acid and water will remove dirt without having to scrub hard! The best part? You can also fill up an ice tray with a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water, so that whenever you want to clean, you have these homemade cleaning pads ready!

Check For Leaks

The cleaning process should, at a minimum, include checking for leaks and repairing any that are found. If a leak is small enough and not too difficult to repair, you can do it yourself with the help of a repair guide. However, if a leak is extensive or causes significant damage to wiring or other features of your HVAC system, professional repair may be necessary.

Use Fans Instead Of A/C When Possible

Though air conditioning is one of modern life’s greatest luxuries, it isn’t exactly good for you. Using your air conditioner too much can lead to respiratory problems, it can dry out exposed skin, and using it on cold winter days or in unheated areas can be downright uncomfortable. Instead of A/C whenever possible try using fans instead. During colder months you can warm up by sitting near a space heater or fireplace and during hot summer months open up some windows to let a breeze flow through (rather than keeping them closed). Though not always practical for long periods of time, these two changes alone could drastically reduce how often you need an air conditioner installed at home—and how much money you spend on cooling costs throughout Dubai!

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