How To Maintain Oral Hygiene With Braces?

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Oral hygiene is an essential part of your health, and it keeps your overall body healthy. Especially when wearing braces, it is a must to keep your mouth healthy. You should maintain proper oral hygiene to get a good result from your orthodontic treatment. Cleaning is essential as food particles can entrap in orthodontic appliances like braces or brackets, contributing to plaque accumulation on the teeth and resulting in dental problems like caries.

Good oral hygiene care includes experienced dental advice and appropriate tools. The braces Miami Florida orthodontist will explain the benefits and directions for proper oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment.

The main motive of the braces is to get straight-aligned teeth. You can contact your dentist if you have any problems with the braces.

● Self-Measures for Good Oral Hygiene Post-Braces

The first and foremost thing to maintain good oral hygiene is brushing and flossing properly and regularly. Brushing removes the food trapped in the brackets, so dentists ask you to brush your teeth twice a day.

Brushing and Flossing

The dentist recommends brushing twice daily and suggests using a small-sized toothbrush for brushing your teeth with braces. Using a small-sized toothbrush is easy to reach the small areas in the mouth, which provides a finer and much better brushing. A toothbrush with polished nylon bristles with a soft brushing cover is suitable for braces. However, you can ask the best orthodontist in Miami, fl, for special brushes with much finer pieces.

You can also use fluoride toothpaste for brushing as it protects the teeth from tooth decay.

Brushing and flossing are daily everyday chores that you should do twice. However, the best orthodontists near me usually recommend brushing at least five times daily when you are on braces. It is good to keep your teeth healthy so that no food particles are stuck in your mouth.

Follow these ideal brushing steps:

  • Start brushing from the brace’s top and move toward the tooth. Then, brushing back and forth.
  • To ensure thorough cleaning, move back and forth over the area beneath the brace or bracket.
  • Floss the lingual (back of the tooth) and occlusal (biting) surfaces (tooth area facing the tongue)
  • To avoid harming the braces, wash your teeth in gentle circular strokes.
  • Regular flossing is essential to remove food from braces. Floss gently to prevent any damage to the braces.
  • Hold the floss in a ‘C’-shape to clean all around the teeth. This manages to less damage the teeth.

Wearing braces can be fascinating with different color band choices, but taking care of your teeth and cleaning them should also be your priority. Regular brushing and flossing are required; if food is stuck in your mouth, you may have other tooth issues like tooth decay or other oral problems.

In Conclusion:

Braces are an excellent choice to create the straight-aligned teeth look. So, if you want to straighten your teeth, talk to your dentist and ensure you are a good candidate for braces. You can consult with your adult orthodontics near me.

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