Is Dental Bonding The Correct Procedure For You?

July 18, 2022 0

You must first comprehend dental bonding Houston tx to decide if it is the best dental procedure for you. Dental bonding is a quick and low-cost cosmetic dental procedure.  in this procedure, dentists apply a piece of plastic-like resin that is tooth-colored to the chipped tooth. Then they join the tooth and resin using ultraviolet (UV) light.

People with gaps between their teeth, discoloration, or chipped or fractured teeth choose dental bonding procedures. It is because they are straightforward and quick to complete. No downtime is necessary because it is a short and easy operation. And you may resume your regular activities the same day.

According to chipped tooth repair Houston, dental bonding doesn’t require an anesthetic unless it’s to treat a cavity or another type of tooth decay. The process may take time, depending on how many issues it needs to resolve. After that, except for the standard oral hygiene practice, which entails frequent brushing and flossing, the bonded tooth requires relatively little maintenance.

What are the types of dental bonding?

Direct composite bonding

The most typical dental bonding method is this one. Your dentist downtown Houston will make a composite resin the same color as your teeth, shape it to fit them, and then use a bonding agent to apply it. The resin is UV-cured, and the bonded tooth can be further sculpted as it hardens.

Adhesive Bonding

According to midtown dentistry Houston tx, during this process, a restoration is attached to the damaged tooth using an adhesive, a curing light, an etchant, acid, or other corrosive substance. The greatest candidates for this technique include non-metal fillings, porcelain veneers, and crowns.

What are the major pros and cons of dental bonding?

Pros of dental bonding

The price is the major advantage of dental bonding. It offers one of the most straightforward and affordable dental procedures. It may be completed in a single appointment with a dentist in midtown Houston and does not require a special fit. As a result, you won’t need to wear a temporary mold because they do not create any special item, particularly for you.

Compared to veneers or crowns, it also requires the removal of the least amount of tooth enamel from your teeth. An essential component of oral health is the enamel, the hard outer covering of your teeth that helps prevent tooth decay. Dental bonding is usually not very painful unless it needs to fill a cavity and doesn’t require any anesthetic.

Cons of dental bonding

Dental bonding techniques use composite resin, which is stain-resistant but not as stain-resistant as veneers or crowns. The bonding material’s shorter lifespan is another drawback. They frequently use dental bonding on teeth with minor cosmetic flaws.

It includes those chipped or have a small gap and on teeth that do not suffer a lot of bite pressure, like the front teeth. A dental bonding technique is more likely to be used by a dentist.  They use it for minor cosmetic adjustments or a temporary fix for cosmetic flaws.


We hope the above-given information gives you valuable insight regarding the dental bonding procedure. The above article tells us about the various beneficial aspects of dental bonding. For further information regarding dental bonding, please visit

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