Benefits of Regulated Temperatures on Office Productivity

June 13, 2022 0

Few people can confidently say that they know the temperature and humidity in the office where they work. It is said that the temperature and humidity in the office are closely related to productivity. What kind of relationship does it have? There is also an easy way to do it right away.

Invest in Technology

Some companies may not have an environment in which humidity can be adjusted, as humidifiers and dehumidifiers often have to be installed on their own. Even if you install a hygrometer, it is meaningless if there is no way to adjust it if the value is not appropriate. If you’re in an office that you haven’t set up yet, you might want to make a purchase suggestion.

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How to Select Heating Cable

The following characteristics must be considered while selecting the proper type of heating cable and its power:

The heated pipe is used to transport water or sewage;

  • The type of pipe;
  • The diameter and length of it;
  • Type of cable routing: external or internal;
  • Thermal insulation material and thickness;
  • Your area’s lowest temperature.

With the given information, you may calculate the pipe’s heat loss per 1 meter and, more precisely, pick the required power and length of the heating cable for pipes. Without fail, heat losses must be factored into the equation. After all, the cable power should be sufficient to compensate; otherwise, the heating system would stop working.

Select Pipe Heating Installation Method

Mounting outdoor: Any sort of conductor will suffice for this installation. With this arrangement of the heater, the performance of the pipeline does not change in any way, which cannot be said about the internal installation.

Installation indoor: This approach is best used when the pipe heating cables has a sufficient diameter (a cross-section of more than 40 mm) and external winding is impossible. Indoor installation is not recommended for single-core resistive conductors. When selecting a self-regulating cable, keep in mind the external insulating material, which must not emit dangerous compounds and be alkali resistant. A proper protection class, at least IP68, must also be present on the cable.

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Encourage Suitable Attire

People feel hot or cold. In other words, when the room temperature of the office is set at a certain level, there is a way for each person to control their own sensible temperature. If a rule allows it, it will lead to productivity improvement.

Be Flexible for Different Seasons

If you don’t manage ideal office temperature and humidity properly, your employees will be less productive. Then, what is the appropriate temperature and humidity for the office environment? According to a study, the temperature at which productivity is most improved is 22 to 24 degrees Celsius.

However, according to research results, 22 degrees is the optimum temperature in a typical workplace.

It is important to have a thermometer and hygrometer as the first step in creating a comfortable working environment. In many cases, the temperature and humidity are displayed on the switch part of the air conditioner or air conditioner. However, there are not many opportunities to check the temperature and humidity on a regular basis.

First, it is important to prepare a thermo-hygrometer in a visible position so that employees can clearly grasp the temperature and humidity and be willing to control it. In addition, there are several other countermeasures.

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