stainless steel hydraulic fittings

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BSP hydraulic fittings vs npt hydraulic fittings

Hydraulic fittings are equipment that is used to connect hoses, pipes, and hydraulic systems to operate at different pressures. They are designed in different thread types that include BSP and npt. BSP carbon steel hydraulic fittings are British Standard Pipe, while npt represents National Pipe Taper from the USA. Both of them cannot be used interchangeably as they have different thread forms. NPT threads have pointed peaks and valleys with a thread angle of 60 degrees. The other has a rounded shape with an angle of 55 degrees. If you try to join them together, they will misalign and can cause leakage or catastrophic failure.

stainless steel hydraulic fittings

Are hydraulic threads NPT?

A hydraulic thread can be designed having an NPT specification grade. National Pipe Taper threads are US standards that are used for fittings for over 100 years. The thread types help create strong connections to seal pipes for fluids and gases. These connections depend on the deformation of a metal-to-metal seal design. Here, the threads of the connectors form themselves and are ideal for single assemblies. They are not a good choice if you are planning to connect and dismantle frequently. This will result in wear and damage that can cause deformation in them. They are readily available in the market and come in different sizes and shapes and work with combinations of materials. The well-known thread type has a simple assembly without requiring any flaring tubes, sleeves, or o-rings.

Types of Hydraulic Fittings & Adapters

The various types of adapters and hydraulic fittings are based on their size, configuration, and thread types. The three major types of hose fittings include

  • O-Ring- It is made of three types of seals that are made of an O-ring boss, seal, and flange. In these types of couplings, there is a seal that helps in creating a strong connection.
  • Mated angle- The fitting is designed with an angle seat having a straight or parallel thread sealing. Both the parallel threads don’t thread together, and they don’t actually form the seal. But they function to mechanically bring the two mating seats to create the ultimate form of seals.
  • Flare-O- It is the tightest and strongest seal in the market that includes an elastomeric seal. This helps create a strong leakproof sealing.
  • Tapered threads- the threads have a male and female thread. The male fittings have threads on the inside, while the latter has on its inside. When both are threaded together, they can deform under pressure to create a strong seal. In some cases, they may be imprecise, but you never have to use tape to ensure the seal.

The equipment is designed with different material types, commonly stainless steel, brass, etc. Each of them is specified based on international and metric specifications.

Why is Chinese stainless steel hydraulic fittings price is less than Indian?

The Chinese are known to be the top manufacturers of SS hydraulic fittings in the world. This is due to that they have rapidly grown their production capabilities. However, they don’t have such demand in their local markets, which has made them dump steel at low prices in the market. But is their stainless steel hydraulic fittings quality any good? It isn’t like they advertise. In the hassle of producing material in bulk, they forget and neglect several important production procedures. They don’t follow any quality assurance policies once they are manufactured, so they can sell the products at cut prices. Still, it is known that they run into losses, but they don’t really care. This is due to the fact that they want to create a monopoly in the industry. So, the cheap fittings that you purchase don’t offer the same form of reliability that comes with Indian products. The hydraulic fittings from India are amongst the best in the market today. You will be questioning how is that so. This is all possible due to the high quality raw materials they use during their production. Not only this, they follow all standards precisely, which gives them an edge over their competitors. They vigorously test their products through various tests to get the necessary certifications and reports. You have access to them, which gives you the credibility of their products. To top it all off, their transportation channel allows you to transport nearly all your products across the globe easily. So, the cheap products that you would buy don’t actually offer the same level of performance as quality equipment.

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