Nickel Alloy Pipe Fittings

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How to measure threads of nickel alloy pipe fittings?

The Nickel Alloy Pipe Fittings are based on their trade size compared to their actual dimension, which is often confusing. First, you have to understand whether the thread falls under BSPP (parallel threads) or BSPT (tapered threads). Apart from this, a number of factors, that include outside diameter and threads per inch influence its size. To get an accurate reading, you should measure both its outside diameter and inch per thread. For male threads, measure their outside diameter to their widest point. Similarly, the female threads are measured from their inside diameter to their widest point. The measurements can be used to find the right size, making use of the nominal pipe size chart. You can get the right measurement using a ruler or vernier scale.

Nickel Alloy Pipe Fittings

Are copper nickel pipe fittings suitable for oil & gas applications?

The Nickel fittings are said to create a leakproof connection in different conditions. These Copper Nickel Pipe Fittings help avoid erosion and can be utilized with minimum space requirements. They are used in oil and gas applications with copper and 10-30% nickel content, which makes them high resistance to corrosion. This gives it a good choice in the systems as they don’t deteriorate under any stress or pressure. They are not susceptible to chloride or sulfide stress corrosion and are tolerant against hydrogen embrittlement. It is thermally stable, which allows them to handle toxic media and harsh environmental conditions commonly seen in these environments. They also are further treated to increase their tolerance to corrosive and oxidative systems.

What are nickel alloy fittings used for?

Nickel alloy fittings are used to influence and characterize the flow of fluids and gases in the system. They are used in cryogenic as well as high temperature setups which makes them highly versatile. It has a good content of nickel that give it the best soft magnetic properties and performance. The equipment is most commonly seen in marine environments that they are primarily designed for. They are used in magnetic amplifiers, shields, memory storage devices, transformers, and inductors. It is also a feature in manufacturing units, heat exchangers, nuclear power plants, and petrochemical plants. Apart from this, they are also a robust feature in oil and gas equipment and hydrocarbon process equipment.

Is copper nickel elbow corrosion resistant?

Copper nickel is used to change the direction of the flow in the system. During this time, they are used to transport toxic media and harsh affluents into the system. The chemical content of these alloys gives them excellent resistance to corrosive media. It bolsters superior tolerance to salt water and is used in different applications and hardware units. The grade creates a thin layer to form a protective surface film that forms a protective layer on the steel. They also work well in higher temperatures and fluctuating temperatures, most commonly seen in marine systems. It is important to note that over time they tend to slowly corrode and deteriorate in harsh conditions.

How can I import Cuni fittings to Qatar?

The most important factor in delivering cuni fitting is to have an import license. The licenses are issued by Qatari nationals or any partner program of Qatar and are liability partnerships. They can also be registered with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. This only applies to foreign owned companies in this country. Further, all import duties and customs have to be cleared by the trade unions.

How to do compared Brushed nickel 90 degree elbow cost with china and indian supplier?

China is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of steel in the world. However, 90 degrees brushed nickel elbows, alongside other steel types, are of lower quality. They have top manufacturing facilities, and it lacks quality assurance, which limits their longevity and performance. It is also believed that they mass produce the products to create a monopoly in the industry. Even though they don’t have the same requirements in their local markets. However, they want it to dump in international markets at throwaway prices. If you are looking for cheap products, you should select the Chinese that don’t offer good performance in the long run. However, if you are looking for quality, then Indian suppliers are the way to go ahead. The price point is not as high as their neighbors, but their quality and reliability far outlive it. Indian suppliers follow the best procedures and technologies to produce the best products. Further, they have a good supply chain that allows them to transport these fittings across the world easily. All these features give users a clear indication that the elbows from India are the best way to go ahead.

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