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Jamaica has long been considered as one of the most exciting places to visit on earth. Well, one main reason for this is that Jamaica not only offers the best beaches and luxurious hotels, but it offers everything that an outdoor junkie will enjoy. All forms of activities that are perfect for all ages are available throughout the area, the reason that most of those who have passions for outdoor activities consider Jamaica adventure tours.

A lot of Jamaica adventure tours are offered by travel companies in the Jamaica these days. The number of these adventure tours is thought to reach thousands for the following years as more and more people from near and far away places realized that Jamaica adventure tours are one of the best things to consider in life. With this ever growing interest and appreciation for the Jamaica adventure tours, it’s no wonder that today thousands of scenic places on the island are developed for adventure trekkers to explore and enjoy.

If you want to know the top coolest Jamaica adventure tours available, then there’s no reason for you not read on. After all, a few of these adventure tours are mentioned below.

Historic Caves Adventure Tours

Jamaica has a number of historic caves that are worthy to explore, the reason that the historic caves adventure tours were developed. Well, many people consider this kind of Jamaica adventure tours knowing that living a night or two in the cave is an experience beyond compare. Yes, it is exciting for some, despite the fact that living inside the cave with deep darkness and the acrid smell of the bat’s urine is nothing great. Adventurers consider this kind of Jamaica adventure tours as a new experience and a new challenge.

Rafting Adventure Tours

Another coolest activity to consider for your ultimate Jamaica adventure tours is rafting. Well, rafting adventure is highly possible in Jamaica as the country has a number of scenic rivers perfect for a rafting experience. To mention but one, there is the Martha Brae which is Jamaica’s premier river rafting attraction. At this place, a skilled raft captain operates and takes visitors in the area on a romantic, exciting adventure into the scenic beauty of the island. That is what makes rafting at the Martha Brae truly a not-to-be-missed experience. So if rafting is your passion, then consider some of the available rafting Jamaica adventure tours in the Martha Brea area, or in the other rafting attractions in the island.

Dolphin Adventure Tours

I bet there’s nothing more pleasing to the heart than playing with the most gentle sea creatures on earth – the dolphins. If you love dolphins and you want to see them up close and even swim and play with them, then considering dolphin Jamaica adventure tours is no doubt a great move for you to take. Dolphin Jamaica adventure tours are offered by some travel companies today, and what’s great to know about these tours is that they sometimes include jungle tours.

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