What is Deep Cleaning and Its Advantages?

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Dental Deep Cleaning is also essential along with regular dental cleaning as it helps people protect themselves from germs or plaque collected below their gumline. Now you need clarification about how regular cleaning is different from deep cleaning – shockingly, there are different levels of cleaning. Sometimes, standard cleaning is not just enough for your oral health conditions. Are you searching for teeth cleaning near me in Houston, 77079 clinics? You are on the right page; Edge Dental renders effective dentist services. 

What is the difference between regular deep cleaning from dental deep cleaning?

Healthcare experts perform regular dental cleaning, focusing only on teeth above the gumline. Patients or people should go for non-invasive cleanings every six months as it helps maintain good oral health. Conversely, deep dental cleaning is also called root planning and scaling. With the help of special dental instruments, the healthcare expert removes plaque, bacteria, and tartar collected below the gum line. This method of cleaning protects from developing gum disease and tooth loss.

Deep dental cleanings require hardly two visits to the doctor’s clinic, which involves gum scaling and root planning.

The respective goals of regular and deep cleaning are a preventative maintenance and protecting the jawbones from collecting gums that develop severe issues soon.

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What are the Advantages of Deep Cleaning?

Deep cleaning is necessary because it forms a space between teeth and the gumline and then collects the tartar and plaque below it.

This is the worsening situation that makes bones weak. In such conditions, the dentist recommends deep cleaning, and we have mentioned the benefits of deep cleaning.

  • Stops developing gums
  • Can cure a current infection
  • It helps to maintain space teeth above and below the gumline
  • Can clean the teeth correctly above and below the gum line.
  • The foul smell is eliminated because of chemical substances or liquids used in this process.
  • Protects the bones or roots of teeth
  • Protects from teeth extraction 

How To Identify Whether I Need A Deep Dental Cleaning?

Not all patients need to require deep cleaning. However, for patients suffering from gingivitis or more prone to gum disease – dentists recommend a deep cleaning to them only. The deep cleaning protects from further damage or tooth loss.

Gum Disease does not show any signs or symptoms, so it is difficult to determine when you will require deep cleaning. We have mentioned some signs that help you to look out:-

  • Continuous bad breath or taste
  • Starts separating or losing permanent teeth
  • Gums begin to bleed easily
  • Gums start swelling, red, or tender

If you notice any of the symptoms below, you must make an appointment with a gum disease dentist near me in Houston, 77079. 

What are the Self Care Tips After the Deep Dental Cleaning Procedure?

We have mentioned the self-care tips below, which help to reduce sensitivity after the deep cleaning procedure:

  • Eat soft food or items during the initial days
  • Don’t consume extreme hot, cold, and soft drinks
  • Medications help to reduce inflammation and pain
  • Oral Rinsing with warm salt water or mouthwash
  • Do brush with soft bristles and floss regularly

If you are troubled with pain or any other issues after treating deep cleaning teeth in Houston, TX, you must immediately contact the dentist.


If your gum disease condition is severe, the dentist might suggest deep dental cleaning as a line of treatment. Deep teeth cleaning is an effective treatment to get rid of gum disease and helps in healing gum disease.

It is a safe dental treatment but may carry a few risks for people with chronic conditions. Understanding the side effects or complications before starting the procedure is better. To get to know more detailed information, contact Edge Dental.

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