What Types Of Power Chains Are Available For Braces?

June 10, 2022 0

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution for power chains and braces. There are other varieties. Thus, even within the option, there are more options. They will space the links of the braces power chain according to your requirements. The diameter of the gap between the centers of each loop determines the loop will fit into which bracket.

They could connect to every other tooth or third tooth. Your orthodontist will have a more significant part in deciding which type is best for you, usually determined by the clinical goal.

What exactly do power chains do for you?

Power chains are ligature strings that are linked together (elastics). They make power chains of the same material as ligatures, an elastic that holds the archwire to the individual brackets. The orthodontist Aventura fl uses metal twists rather than elastic to make power chains in specific cases. Power chains join the brackets, whereas traditional elastics fit over each one individually. There are many power chain colors among which you can choose the best suitable one for you.

These power chains join together to form a continuous band that spans your teeth. Some teeth may benefit from a power chain, while others help from regular ligatures around the brackets. The orthodontic specialist of Florida can address several treatment goals with this mix of ligatures and power chains.

How do power chains help?

Dental specialists mainly use power chains to close the excess spaces and gaps between the teeth. The best orthodontist in Miami fl, also uses it to close the gap after extracting a tooth. Because power chains exert more force than archwires and brackets do alone, it helps speed up reprocess of treatment. However, power chains can correct various dental problems effectively, including

Who wears power chains, and for how long?

Unlike some orthodontic treatment methods, which consider a person’s age when determining the type of therapy, anyone can utilize a power chain throughout treatment. It means that you and your adolescent can both wear power chain braces. The duration of the braces power chain treatment will depend on each case.

The length of braces treatment will differ depending on the individual. Some people will need to wear power chains for six months, while others will just need them for six weeks. Even after resolving the specific issue of power chains on braces, like closing a gap, the orthodontist may keep them on to prevent the braces from reverting—almost like a retainer.

Why do power chains cause discomfort and pain?

As your teeth feel a new force, you may feel discomfort, just like any other dental correction. Power chains do not cause significantly excessive pain as any other dental treatment option. You may feel slight discomfort or pain after the orthodontist installs and adjusts them. The orthodontist Hollywood fl will advise you on how to best manage that time and relieve the discomfort. Any tenderness you’re feeling should go away quite quickly.


We hope the above-provided matter helps you understand the uses and benefits of power chains for braces. The above article discusses several different factors, services, and aspects of power chains. For more details regarding power chains, please check out ivanovortho.com.

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