What Will You Expect During Laser Gingivectomy Surgery?

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A gingivectomy is an extensively useful method that is conventionally used for treating periodontal disease that won’t respond to conventional methods including antibiotics or scaling and root planing therapy. In order to get the maximum efficacy of the treatment, the dentist will combine these methods with Gingivectomy Surgery. The treatment will be recommended when the patient is at risk of bone loss or when the periodontal disease may affect the organs supporting the teeth. Visit a dental clinic near me to have the correct diagnosis and treatment.

Laser Usage in Gingivectomy Surgery:

In cases of advanced periodontal disease, the diseased gum tissue is likely to have pulled away from the gums creating pockets of infection. A gingivectomy will reshape the diseased gum tissue, helping to lessen or eliminate the pockets in between the teeth. This treatment is often used in cases where the periodontal pockets are relatively shallow, reaching depths of between 4 and 6mm. Successful treatment could see these pockets reduced to a normal depth of between 2 and 3mm. Get the treatment done from a dentist near me.

What Are The Benefits?

A soft tissue dentist’s laser is used for this procedure, as a gingivectomy does not involve altering the contour of the hard tissues. The advantages of using a laser in comparison with a scalpel are considerable. The procedure is far easier for the patient to tolerate, and healing is likely to be quicker, with fewer complications. It can be completed under a local anesthetic and uses a highly focused laser beam to reshape the gum tissue. One advantage of using dental lasers is that laser decontamination can help eliminate any remaining bacteria in the sulcus area, creating far better healing conditions for the patient. This can greatly help to lessen the chances of periodontal disease recurring. Visit a periodontitis near me for the execution of the procedure efficiently.

While a gingivectomy may be used to treat periodontal disease, it can also be used to remove excess gum tissue and is something that may be carried out in conjunction with a gingivoplasty. Sometimes patient’s gums have simply grown too much, and cover up a portion of the tooth enamel, while in others this overgrowth may have been caused by a specific medical condition. This can often result in too much gum tissue being exposed when smiling. Low-level laser therapy is ideal for remedying this problem, giving excellent cosmetic results, while improving the patient’s oral health.

Cost of Laser Gingivectomy?

The cost of gingivectomy may range from $200 to $400 per tooth.  Some dentists can charge less for several teeth. Generally, a dentist may perform the procedure up to 3 teeth or more during a single session. In any case, if you have health insurance, the following procedure may be covered by it. You can Walk in dentist near me to inquire about the treatment.

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