How Can You Tell if Back Pain is Serious?

August 25, 2022 0

People are unaware of back pain symptoms, and when is the right time to see back pain specialists new jersey? Because no one wants to suffer lifelong back pain and ignoring the alarming bells can be dangerous. So here are some signs and symptoms that you are suffering from back pain issue:

Chronic Pain

Several sub-divisions will help you know if your chronic or acute pain. Acute pain is short-lasting and can offer only for a short time, such as a few days or a week. Usually, the cause will disappear, and you don’t need to worry about it because the back specialist will prescribe painkillers for this condition. If your pain doesn’t disappear after three to four weeks, and you may have subacute pain, it can last upto 12 to 15 weeks. Most of this pain is mechanical, which means your doctor can fix them without surgery just by exercise and prescriptions.

Next, there is chronic pain, which may last longer than 15 weeks and continues even after injuries. Your doctor can treat all underlying causes. According to a reliable source, about 20% of individuals suffer from low back pain year. If you may experience any pain, it is time you should visit a back pain doctor new jersey.

Bowel and Bladder Issues

Find yourself continuously running to the restroom or sitting on the toilet for long hours. You should visit the back center for treatment because this can affect your bowel, bladder, Bowel syndrome (IBS), or cause nerve damage.

Bowel Syndrome is Irritable and can cause abdominal pain, cramping, and extreme stool, leading to severe lower back issues. Moreover, nerve damage may lead to unbearable abdominal pain and disrupt digestion. You should see your doctor to eliminate any pain and such type of problems immediately.

Leg or Feet Pain

Pain and numbness around your legs or feet accompanied by back pain is a sign that you need a back pain doctor Clifton. The pressure exertion of nerves and the spine can lead to feeling tingling sensations or weakness around your hips, legs, and feet. Sometimes, a herniated disk may exert pressure on the sciatic nerve, leading to immeasurable pain around your leg muscles.

When your nerves near the cervical vertebrae are compressed, called clerical radiculopathy, it can cause extreme pain or numbness around your neck. For rare instances, these can be resolved by mechanical means. However, your doctor may recommend surgery for some cases.


Our body temperature fluctuates naturally, but if you are suffering from severe fever and discomfort in the lumbar region, you should contact a back pain doctor NJ diagnose the issue. You likely have the flu or other infection due to muscle strain or pull. With so many people of the same age experiencing back pain, it’s less coincidental than you may think.

However, fever and pain accompanying back are symptoms of something more severe than just pain, such as cancer or bacterial infection. Therefore, if you’ve been experiencing pain in your back, you should contact back pain specialists Paramus today.

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