How Long Does It Take To Correct An Overbite?

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If you are someone suffering from overbite then you must be looking for the answer to how long the treatment takes then you should know the treatment of overbite takes six months to 12 months. But it can vary depending on the severity of overbite. Numerous people out there suffer from overbite, crossbite, open bite, and underbite but it is mandatory to have a good knowledge of treatments and causes of disease you are suffering from. In this article, we have mentioned every ounce of information related to overbite so do make sure of reading this article till the very end.

What exactly is an overbite?

Overbite is a dental condition that is also known as buck teeth problem which is a proper misalignment of teeth. Overbite is another type of malocclusions such as crossbite, open bite, and underbite which appear after crooked and misalignment of teeth. The overbite difficulty you can witness when your upper front teeth stick out backward in the position of lower front teeth. It is recommended to visit board-certified orthodontists near me to get the treatment of an overbite.

What are the major causes of an overbite?

There are many causes of an overbite as it can be due to genetic reasons but here are some causes mentioned below overbite that will help you in understanding them much more:

  • It can be genetic
  • It can be due to excessive nail-biting.
  • If you are suffering from teeth grinding (bruxism).
  • Have behavior issues such as thumb-sucking,
  • Have difficulty such as tongue-thrusting
  • If the person is still using using a pacifier, even at the age of 3 years

What are the signs that show you are suffering from overbite?

The initial signs and symptoms of an overbite can be seen in appearance but we have also mentioned some signs of an overbite that can be witness by some people including:

  • It is challenging to open or close the mouth.
  • Problem in chewing and biting
  • Severe facial pain
  • Major pain in Jaw
  • If you are suffering from an improper speech problem

What is the treatment available for overbite?

The treatment of overbite can vary depending on children and adults. If your kid is suffering from overbite then first make sure to visit the kids orthodontist near me. A kid overbite orthodontists treatment involves:

Repositioning of the jaw with the help of growth modification devices or expanders

  • Overbite braces that offer proper misalignment
  • Orthodontists may also suggest baby teeth removal for avoiding teeth crowding
  • The dentist may also recommend you get retainers after the braces.

For adults that treatment of overbite may vary which involves:

  • Overbite braces
  • For correcting the severe overbite some dentists must have suggested surgery
  • Tooth extraction for avoiding  teeth crowding

Make sure not to avoid treatment of overbite for seeing the results of overbite before and after your smile.

Do we prevent overbite?

If you are thinking of any prevention of overbite then you can read some of the interventions mentioned below that may help you. But we have found from studies that overbite is caused due to genetic issues that can’t be prevented.

  • Avoid thumb sucking or pacifier use in children after 3
  • Avoid sipper in office drink with a glass
  • Visiting dentist for regular dental visit

The Takeaways!

We hope you liked this article and by now you must have to know how important it is to treat overbite. It is mandatory to visit the best and most experienced orthodontist for getting the treatment of overbite dental irregularities. If you are looking for overbite before and after braces then make sure to visit the Ivanov orthodontist’s official website.

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