In What Circumstances Should You Not Opt For Teeth Whitening Treatment?

July 5, 2022 0

Dentists do not recommend Miami beach teeth whitening, or it would be less effective in the following circumstances:

Allergies and sensitive teeth

Before utilizing a tooth-whitening system, people with sensitive teeth and gums, receding gums, or damaged restorations should speak with their Miami shores orthodontics dentist. You shouldn’t use a bleaching product if you have a peroxide allergy.

Aging and pregnancy issues

Children under the age of sixteen should not be bleached. It is due to the pulp chamber, or tooth nerve, being larger until this age. Under these circumstances, teeth whitening Miami fl could irritate the pulp or make it more sensitive. Additionally, pregnant or nursing women should avoid teeth whitening.

Worn enamel, gum disease, cavities, and exposed tooth roots

According to a bay harbor islands orthodontist, people with gum disease or teeth with damaged enamel should avoid whitening their teeth. Before having any whitening technique, they must fill cavities. It is because the whitening agents might increase sensitivity by penetrating the inner surfaces of the tooth and any existing cavities. Additionally, since exposed tooth roots lack an enamel coating, bleaching treatments will not affect them.

Darkly stained teeth

Grayish-colored or purple-stained teeth may not respond to whitening at all. Yellowish teeth respond well to bleaching, and brownish teeth respond less well. Tetracycline-related blue-gray staining is more challenging to remove and may take up to six months of at-home treatments or multiple in-office visits to remove altogether.

Crowns, fillings, and other restorations

Dental restorations (crowns, veneers, bonding, bridges) made of resin composite materials and tooth-colored fillings do not get whiter over time. Because of this, applying a whitening solution to teeth with restorations will cause uneven whitening, making the teeth without restorations look lighter than those with repairs. You should complete any whitening procedure before placing restorations.

What are teeth whitening rinses?

Whitening rinses are one of the newest and most effective teeth whitening solutions. Like most mouthwashes, they freshen breath and lessen dental plaque and gum disease. However, several of these products also contain chemicals that whiten teeth, such as hydrogen peroxide, and manufacturers claim that benefits may not be sn for 12 weeks.

Simply swish them around for 60 seconds twice daily in your mouth before brushing your teeth. According to orthodontist Aventura fl, rinses might not be as efficient as other over-the-counter whitening solutions. A whitening rinse may be less effective because it only comes into touch with the teeth for 2 minutes per day instead of 30 minutes for many strips.

Are over-the-counter whitening strips and gels effective?

Dentists apply clear, peroxide-based whitening gels with a little brush to the surface of your teeth. Depending on the peroxide’s strength, different instructions are required. Pay close attention to the product’s instructions. The first results appear after a few days, while the last appear around four months.

A complete course lasts 10 to 14 days and might need to be applied twice daily. You can purchase whitening gels and strips from your dentist, local drugstore, or online.


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