What Are Reticular Veins?

September 12, 2022 0

When your veins are compressible and resist blood flow to your heart, several veins may appear below your skin. One is reticular veins, which are in between spider and varicose veins. However, reticular vein treatment is mostly cosmetic and can cause some symptoms.

What do reticular veins look like?

Reticular veins are palpable that may appear just below your skin; here are some common characteristics of reticular veins:

Color: Reticular veins are blue and purple in color.

Location: Reticular veins are usually found in the lower part of your body, such as on the inner thighs, near your ankles, or on your back or knees.

Symptoms: Recticluar veins cause pain, itching, and other discomforts to your legs. Sometimes they don’t show any signs; moreover, people get cosmetic concerns about reticular veins’ appearance. Therefore you should visit your Vein Specialist for proper treatment. But, What Kind of Doctor is a Vein Specialist? A doctor who is experienced and trained in diagnosing and treating veins-related diseases.

Who’s at risk for reticular veins?

Reticular veins may form due to vascular or venous insufficiency. Your veins have tiny valves to keep the flow one-sided, so deoxygenated blood can return to your heart. However, your blood may leak or pool with vascular insufficiency due to valve dysfunction. These are some situations that can create vascular sufficiency, such as:

  • Spider
  • Varicose
  • Reticular

Some risk factors for venous insufficiency or diseases include:

Family history: If you have any experience or family history of veins, you’re most likely to get reticular veins and other vein diseases; therefore, you should contact your veins center. What do vein centers do? A vein centers are vascular doctor’s clinic where they treat and diagnose their patients’ varicose veins and other veins diseases.

Occupations: People with professions that have to stand or sit for long periods are more susceptible to vein diseases.

Obesity:  Overweight people are more likely to get veins diseases because they exert pressure on their legs, resulting in veins issues.

Aging: people are getting more susceptible to experiencing venous insufficiency as they get older because their muscles may lose or relax after some time.

Are reticular veins dangerous?

Reticular veins are uncomfortable and painful; however, they aren’t dangerous. What is the step you can take to improve your blood flow? These steps include:

  • Elevate your leg to heart level to encourage blood flow
  • You should not be crossing your legs when seated for better blood flow.
  • Wear compression stockings, especially if you stand a lot, which can reduce lower leg swelling and eases blood circulation
  • Exercising regularly helps you manage your weight, which improves blood flow.

This can be dangerous If you develop chronic venous insufficiency due to varicose veins and blood circulation issues.

Reticular veins are usually not a health concern and give pain, and insurance companies treat them as cosmetic surgery. However, if you find any pain or swelling around your body, you should visit your doctor immediately.

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