What Purpose Do Rubber Bands Have For Braces?

April 11, 2022 0

Braces can help in teeth straightening and treatment of several dental and jaw problems. Traditional braces or other braces apply pressure to your teeth and jaw to assist them to relocate to new locations. An archwire is a wire which runs through brackets affixed to the surface of your teeth. These archwires are also effective in applying this force. Rubber bands are generally required at some time throughout your teeth straightening process if you have braces. These rubber bands are used to increase the force applied to specific regions. In this article, we’ll go through what do rubber bands do for braces when you should use them, and more in the sections below so read everything mentioned below to not miss out on anything important.

How to get used to wearing elastics on your braces?

Wearing elastic rubber bands all the time can reduce your oral hygiene which is why it is essential to take care of those rubber band braces. We’ve mentioned below some pointers on how to get used to wearing elastics on your braces:

  • Replacing your braces with new rubber bands:

Use your thumb and pointer finger to securely attach your elastics to your brackets. You can easily put them on by seeing every action or step of changing rubber bands in the mirror.

  • Have you lost a rubber band:

Don’t worry! If you lose one or two bands. You can simply ask your orthodontist to provide some cool braces colors to use with your braces.

  • Replace them regularly:

Because these are rubber bands, they will eventually lose their pressure and suppleness. For keeping your teeth straightened effectively it is essential to change your elastics every morning.

What is the purpose of rubber bands in braces treatment?

We have found from studies that the core objective of rubber bands of braces is to improve or boost the pressure built on the mouth for repositioning of jawbone and teeth. These rubber bands are also known as elastic bands for braces which are linked to your braces brackets. These rubber bands have different color options such as white braces color, pink, blue braces, for the people searching for what color braces should I get. Many patients combined two different shades of color bands for an effective and attractive look.

How many types of rubber bands are available for braces?

Two types of rubber braces are there for connecting with bottom braces. We have mentioned below booth types of rubber bands below for your understanding such as:

● Ligatures:

Ligature bands help in holding the archwire in one position by bounded or surrounded by individual brackets. The ligatures are effectively stayed in one position and can be removed only with the help of an orthodontist.

● Interarch Bands:

The Interarch bands are worn by patients after four to six months of the treatment procedure. The primary role of Interarch bands is effective teeth straightening or correcting the alignment of jawbone and teeth.


We hope you liked this article, and it was somewhere a help for you in understanding the purpose of rubber bands on braces. Wondering does insurance cover braces? You should always make sure to ask your orthodontist about insurance cover during the initial consultation of braces.

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