Work-Life Balance strategies for 3D Game Developers

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In a society where work-life balance is achieved, all working people have “work” “and childcare, long-term care, hobbies, learning, and rest. A work-life and lifestyle harmonizes with “life other than work”, such as community activities, enhances both. The number of worried people is increasing yearly because they cannot be in harmony with their private lives other than this work.

If you have such a symptom that you can’t switch it on and off by yourself and it works endlessly, stop and think about it. There are various online shopping platforms that allow you to buy crossbow scope, cameras and even jewelry such as sterling silver earrings.

What is your work life balance strategies, what do you work for, and are you enjoying your life?And it seems that living with this balance in mind will lead to the realization of a happy life with a sense of health, fulfilment, and accomplishment.

Worklife balance tips for a game developer

a) Healthy routine

To prevent undernutrition and weaken your immune system, be well-nourished and keep your mouth healthy.

  • Eat well-balanced without missing three meals and try to live a regular life.
  • Brush your teeth onn everyday basis after your night meal and early morning before having meal
  • Keep the muscles around your mouth by chewing firmly, singing songs by yourself

b)Become a Work-Ninja

Implementing a video game modelling mechanism that allows developer to control their working hours freely is also effective. Suppose there is little impact on the work performed. In that case, it is a good idea to introduce a flextime system or a telecommuting system so that everyone can come to work at a fixed time and review the working style of staying at the company until a fixed time. In particular, game developers who are in charge of childcare and long-term care will be able to improve their work-life balance by introducing flexible work styles greatly.

c)Manage Work By Effort, not Time

One of the most effective ways to relieve the work stress that employees are feeling is to clarify the line between working hours and non-working hours. You may want to consider setting up a policy that prohibits work emails, phone calls, chats, etc., during private hours. There may be exceptions from time to time, but setting such times ensures that employees’ personal time is respected.

d) Don’t Waste Time On Useless Activities

If you haven’t introduced the telecommuting system yet, please consider introducing it. This frees developers to some extent from the daily pain of commuting. Alternatively, consider a flexible work schedule, such as starting work earlier or later than 9 am. For example, if you have a child-rearing household, you may be able to improve your work-life balance simply by adjusting the start or end times. There are also various live in caregiver professionals who take proper care of the elderly people.


It seems that the above contents are known, and it seems that few people have realized it. Just being aware of work life balance tips” within yourself makes a difference. It’s not a bad thing to keep your pace, and it’s most important to respect each other because you and the people around you live with different values.

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