How to Avoid Sunstroke

December 14, 2020 0

Most adventure trekkers, especially those who come from winter lands, consider an outdoor adventure tour outside their state or country for one particular purpose – to experience a warm exotic atmosphere. Yes, many adventure trekkers crave for sun’s heat, not only for plain exploration and enjoyment. The bad news is over-exposure to sun may cause dehydration or sunstroke, and many of those who ignore this fact fall victim to it. So, if you are a trekker who considers an outdoor adventure tour, then you should know that awareness of everything involved is the way to avoid sunstroke.

But, what do I mean with “awareness of everything involved”?

Well, it is a requirement for every traveler to know what kind of adventure and where they are going to. The point here is in order to avoid sunstroke, every trekker considering an outdoor adventure tour should know fairly well the environment they are dealing with, including the details of the outdoor adventure tour. They must also be armed with the best adventure weapon available – water.

Although water is highly needed for every outdoor adventure tour to avoid dehydration or sunstroke, it is best for every trekker to note that there are some instances in their outdoor adventure tour that less amount of water is only needed. For example, a walk in the jungle may require a less consumption of water than a desert walk. In the same way, a trek for five hours a day will require you far more water than trekking for only two hours. With these examples, it is made clear that water requirements differ in every situation. As such, those who consider an outdoor adventure tour should plan their water consumption according to the real situation they are going through. Still, awareness of the environment and the outdoor adventure tour details is a great solution for sunstroke.

Another important thing to note to avoid sunstroke during your outdoor adventure tour is to be aware of your own health, and plan your water consumption based on your health condition. If, for instance, you are in a medication and you want to join your friends in their outdoor adventure tour, it is important for you to talk with your doctor first. Note that there are some medications that require greater consumption of liquid. So to make sure that you’re in good shape while taking the outdoor adventure tour, be aware of your health condition and make sure that you are fit enough for the adventure you are considering.

Avoid direct sunlight. Although an outdoor adventure tour will surely expose you to heat, still try to avoid direct exposure to sun. Note that the sun, when it is on its high altitudes, can quickly dry the moisture of your skin. So to prevent that from happening, use some kind of sun protection. Wear a wide-brimmed hat if possible.

Finally, it’s important for every outdoor adventure trekker to take a break while on tour. Don’t push yourself too hard to quickly achieve whatever you want to achieve. Yes, it’s fine to push your adventure to the extreme, but make sure that when you do it, the condition is right. If it isn’t, then schedule more breaks in the shade and have some water. That’s it!

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