What Do You Know About Topaz Gemstone?

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Topas is a gemstone used to make jewellery and other ornaments. Topas is allochromatic which means that its color is caused by defects in the crystal structure and impurity elements rather than by an element of its basic chemical composition. Topaz has an exceptionally wide range of colors besides brown including various saturations and tones such as yellow, red, green, pink, orange. Colorless or white topaz are plentiful and often treated to give it a blue color.

What are the astrological benefits of blue topaz?

Blue Topaz Gemstone is a traditional birthstone for December, its clarity, hardness, beauty, durability, and affordability have made it popular among people. It has a bluish color which often gets confused with aquamarine.  It is said that if exposed to the sunlight for too long, it may lose its shine and color. It is a very attractive gemstone that is available at affordable prices. There are many astrological benefits associated with it.

It helps in improving the self-expression and communication of people. It is known as the stone of clarity, serenity, and peace. Mystic topaz is recommended for those who are weak in articulating their thoughts.  It provides inner peace and calmness to the mind. Blue is also the color of the throat chakra so people usually wear it around the neck. Blue topaz is a birthstone associated with the zodiac Aquarius.

Can you describe the lab topaz formation?

Like all other created gemstones topaz undergo the same process to be created in a lab. Lab-created topazes have the same appearance and properties as natural ones. fake gemstones or man-made gemstones are a lot cheaper than natural ones. A seed or part of a topaz gemstone taken from nature is Put in a controlled environment of a lab that perfectly mimics the formation and development process that gemstones undergo and experience in nature. Gem experts regularly and carefully monitor the growth of these gemstones seeds which develop at a faster rate than would occur in nature. However, topaz is available in abundance in nature so there’s little need to create them in labs.

Are blue topaz considered expensive?

When blue topaz was first introduced in the market, treated blue topaz gemstones were sold for somewhere between $20 to $40 per carat. But lately, the oversupply led to a huge drop in prices, down to a few followers or even less. Blue topaz is considered a mass-market gem. And the prose of it is the most important consideration for many buyers. Still, the blue topaz is comparatively more expensive than the regular colorless topaz. You can easily buy loose gemstones such as topaz from a local market. The price of the blue topaz can differ according to its quality, appearance, size, uniformity of color, cut, and more.


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