What Is Orange Theory, And How Does It Help In losing Weight?

June 22, 2022 0

Orange theory fitness is a fitness brand with many sites worldwide. Their sixty-minute classes are known for blending HIIT with rigorous cardio sessions. These lessons depend on the principle of EPOC, which is an increase in metabolism after high-intensity exercise that helps recover for up to 8–24 hours.

Therefore the orange theory classes in gyms near me focus on five zones that correlate with your maximum heart rate.

The five focus zones of Orange Theory

  • Gray Zone (50–60 percent MHR). It is a light, pleasant, and non-strengthening activity.
  • Blue Zone (61–70 percent MHR). It is a gentle warm-up action that gets your blood pumping while remaining comfortable and straightforward.
  • MHR in the green zone ranges from 71 to 83 percent. You can also call it “base pace.” You should be able to do this activity for at least 20 minutes without being out of breath.
  • MHR ranges from 84 to 91 percent in the orange zone. This zone, often known as the “orange effect” or “afterburn,” is characterized by high-intensity exercise that might cause EPOC. During a 60-minute class, you should strive to be in this zone for at least 12 minutes.
  • The Red Zone (MHR of 92–100%). You could call it as your “all-in” effort. According to a personal trainer near me, you’ll most likely need to come to a halt within a minute.

What can you expect from the orange theory class?

To complete some usual paperwork, discuss your health and fitness goals. Also, get set up on their heart rate monitors and go over general safety protocols. Arrive at least thirty minutes before your first Orangetheory session. According to anytime fitness near me gyms, Orangetheory’s heart rate monitors, known as OTbeat, are one of the company’s standout features.

You can use them to monitor your heart rate throughout each class to ensure that you stay in the orange and red zones. While these classes vary, usually, it is divided into three components—cardio, rowing, and strength training.

Are there any benefits of doing an orange theory workout?

Full body workout

Attending orange theory sessions has many outstanding benefits. According to Gyms Open Near Me, the classes include full-body strength training and cardio. It is excellent for folks who are pressed for time and want to get the most out of their 60-minute fitness session. Furthermore, high-intensity exercise can help you improve your cardiorespiratory fitness, which is vital for performance and lowering your risk of chronic disease.

It Burns a lot of calories.

You expend a lot of energy during high-intensity activity—your body “burns” calories to support your activity in this way. Various factors can determine the number of calories you burn, including your body size, birth sex, fitness level, and workout intensity. Furthermore, suppose you spend at least 12 minutes in the orange and red zones during the workout. In that case, you may burn additional calories afterward.


We hope the above-given information helps you in learning more about orange theory. So, The above article focuses on the various beneficial factors and aspects. For more important information regarding orange theory, please visit sweat440.com(Global).

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