5 Must-Try Hiking Trails in Matthews Beach Park

July 18, 2022 0

In the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Matthews Beach Park offers over 15 miles of hiking trails that traverse through both thick forest and rocky coastline. These five trails are some of the best to start with if you’re new to hiking in Matthews Beach Park or looking to branch out from your favorite trail in the park. Read on to learn more about these must-try trails!

1) Trail 1: The Bay View Trail

The Bay View Trail is one of the most popular trails in Matthews Beach Park, and for good reason. This 0.8-mile loop offers stunning views of Puget Sound, as well as a moderate challenge. The trailhead is located near the north parking lot.

2) Trail 2: Shorebird Way Trail

The Shorebird Way Trail is a 2.3-mile loop that starts and ends at the North Parking Lot. This trail is great for bird watching, as there is a variety of waterfowl and shorebirds that can be seen along the way. There is also a wide variety of plant life, including some rare species of native plants. The trail is mostly flat with some gentle inclines and declines, making it an easy hike for all skill levels.

3) Trail 3: Woods Creek Trail

The Woodland Discovery Loop is one of the best hiking trails in Matthews Beach Park for those who want to explore the lush forest. This trail is 0.7 miles long and takes you through a peaceful wooded area. You’ll find plenty of wildlife on this trail, so keep your eyes peeled for birds and other animals. This is a great trail for a peaceful nature hike.

4) Trail 4: Overlook Meadow Loop

This easy, family-friendly loop is the perfect introduction to hiking in Matthews Beach Park. The trailhead starts at the south end of the parking lot, near the playground. From there, the trail winds through a forested wetland before emerging into a sunny meadow. Keep your eyes peeled for birds and other wildlife as you make your way around the loop. The trail then reenters the woods and loops back to the parking lot. This hike is a great way to get outside and explore all that Matthews Beach Park has to offer!

5) Trail 5: Woodland Discovery Loop

This serene loop is the perfect introduction to the park’s nature trails. The Woodland Discovery Loop offers gentle elevation changes and is mostly shaded by a dense forest canopy. You’ll likely see many birds and other small animals along the way. The trailhead is located near the north parking lot.

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